4 Non-Profit HR Software You Should Consider Using

For NGOs, there is a lot to learn from small businesses in the HR department. Although NGOs often try to operate specifically as an NGO, consider comparing the organization to businesses in a similar sector. This is a better option because you may not only have volunteers but also have workers on the payroll. 

The effectiveness of homo sapiens is usually due to a culture of being organized. Using customer management software and other HR service products will ensure that you are the leading NGO in your country, or as far as you wish to go. These are the top HR software options for nonprofit organizations.

The Best HR Software for Nonprofits

For companies with an HR department, it is essential to have nonprofit HR software to support daily practices. Whether you have a lot of employees and volunteers, or simply need to stay organized, HR software for nonprofits is a must. 

Some of the best HR software for nonprofits include PartnerHR, Bamboo HR, Breezy HR, ADP Workforce, and Zoho People. We have taken a look at these options to make it easy for you to choose.

Bamboo HR

BambooHR is a tool commonly used by companies, institutions, and organizations. BambooHR features include applicant tracking and online applications, as well as the ability to onboard new hires. Another interesting feature is time and performance tracking. Along with HR reporting and analytics and employee records, it is a truly comprehensive software.

The BambooHR online platform works for nonprofits, although it was not developed specifically for them. There are BambooHR reviews on their website of the platform being used for charities. 

As far as BambooHR pricing, there are two different tiers. This allows different organizations to choose the features they need. For example, you may not need organizational tools such as hiring/onboarding functionality, but you will need BambooHR integration with other applications, or the use of custom tabs and fields. 

With BambooHR Support online and on the phone, you can use this product in English, French Canadian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Dutch. It’s a great software for any size of business as well as NGOs.

Breezy HR

BreezyHR is an online HR software solution. It is specifically usable by nonprofits, as well as church organizations. This is because most BreezyHR features serve as a recruitment and applicant tracking system. They even have a BreezyHR Support “Bootstrap” service which allows you to search for new candidates through multiple job boards. 

As far as BreezyHR pricing is concerned there are different levels that allow you to have different capabilities. For example, there is the ability to assess candidates online, manage candidate scorecards, and even use BreezyHR integrations with other applications. Despite this, it is necessary to hold the business edition to use it. There are other functions as well such as background screening and automated reference checking.

As far as BreezyHR reviews, BreezyHR has been spoken of as a good service provider if you are looking to hire new employees. It is not necessarily used to onboard or work with current employees, but it has its place. 

Prices start at $479 per month, which might be expensive for a small nonprofit. For larger NGOs, this may not be as much of an expense. Support is available both online and on the phone in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Italian, and Polish.

ADP Workforce

One of the most well-known HR products available, ADP Workforce reviews are some of the best in the business. They offer a variety of different ADP Workforce pricing options and tools for every size of nonprofit. Some of the many ADP Workforce features include payroll, time and attendance monitoring, as well as onboarding, recruiting, attendance tracking, analytics, and performance management.

The ADP Workforce Now HCM suite is able to provide ADP Workforce integration, which is key in HR situations. The only downside to this software is that it is known to be difficult to implement. Despite this, there is ADP Workforce Support in English and Spanish, online, phone, and in a database online. 

In general ADP Workforce is known to be better for large corporations, most likely because of the issues with legacy architecture, and a multitude of upgrades. If your organization does not have a full IT department, this can be tricky, but payroll management is a key tool.

Zoho People

Zoho People is different from other software for HR because it is cloud-based. Zoho People features also offer human capital management services which are more comprehensive than standard HR services.

Typically Zoho People Reviews are primarily done by companies in healthcare, media, IT, education, and finance. Despite this, Zoho People pricing options are generally the same as other nonprofit HR software options.

Zoho People Integration is broad and offers many different features that specifically work for nonprofits. These include self-service portals, reporting, document repository, analytics, as well as performance tracking. Although these are great features, they can only be found in the Premium service option. 

Zoho People Support is online, through phone service, as well as in a database on their website. It is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Turkish, and Arabic.

With the ease of use and administration, small and medium-sized NGOs should find a good amount of success with these tools when used properly. Especially because prices start at only $150 per year for Premium service, including up to five users. 

Finding the Right Software for Your NGO

These solutions can be extremely helpful for NGOs. Each of these leading Nonprofit HR software solutions offers something different, but you have to choose which is right for your organization. Consider price, size of your organization, as well as features. 

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