All About the Best Conference Badges

If you’ve ever participated in a conference, you may have noticed that you are typically handed a badge at the door. Regardless of the industry, you may wonder, why use check-in badges? Surely now that there are so many advanced programs that can check you into an event using facial recognition software, you wouldn’t even need physical conference badges? 

The answer is that conference badges have many benefits beyond checking guests into an event. As old-school as they are, these badges not only help you track customers, but they also help your guests start conversations and network with each other. Plus, at the end of the conference, they’ll have a nice little token to leave with.

How to Design the Best Badges for Conference

When considering options for a conference badge design, you have to take into account a few factors. First off, the event type should be considered, as well as how many registrations you actually have. 

Planning badges for a large conference

Larger events may need more skilled software, as you may need to categorize more. Having an app for your conference can be amazing, as it can allow attendees to scan their badge through the mobile platform apps, and enter the event. It is a good resource.

These larger events can be a headache when not properly planned. This is why one of our major tips is to have good communication and meet everyone at the door. Be sure their event registration is complete, and give each person their professional name badges or conference tags. They can also use these to register on the main application software, or for social events later on.

Choosing creative conference badges 

If you are wondering about the best name tags for events, you need to get creative with it. Often, trade show name badges have the name of the brand or company each individual is affiliated with. Despite this, some of the best conference name badges can have very unique, creative designs.

Designing a beautiful name badge

  • Attract attention: Having an interesting design will make an impact. You want to try and make a badge that people will take home, and save at least until next year. Having a nice name badge can bring more attention to your event for the following days, or even next year. This attention may be the difference between a good experience and a bad experience.
  • Make it simple: Make your design clever with enough information, but not too much. Clutter will take away from its purpose. Essential information should be placed in a format that is easy to understand. You want your badge to be a solution, not a problem.
  • Consider your event: If you are running a professional corporate conference, then you will have a different objective than someone who is hosting a music performance. At a performance, a badge may signify the level of ticket someone holds, while a conference is typically more about emphasizing names and place of work or purpose of business.
  • It should have value: There is no point in having a badge that does not have a true purpose. If you can, add your sponsors of the event to the badge, but most importantly it should be something that professional attendees would want to hold on to after the event.
  • Make it useful: Use the name badge for everything from registration, to a social hour, to entering the experience.
  • Personalize it: Make the name tag more than just a name tag. Add their photo, website, a QR code or barcode, even their social media or social network site, anything that represents their company and the experience as a whole. Make it a resource, but also ensure that there is secure encryption if there is any type of QR code on it.
  • Make it technological: Have the name badge serve a practical function to the event. It can connect to an app, and be used with software as well. Just ensure that you have the proper license.
  • Good quality: It should be of good quality and offer customer service when your employees cannot. For example, it can be a marketing tool, connect to their personal computer, or hold the VIP badge. In the United Kingdom, sometimes these badges are used as tools to make sales.

There are many different types of badges for events, as well as different staff badges for events. These can be used as a tool for both you and the professional attendees. For example, you might consider smart badges for conferences, which are wearable event technology. You might also want to consider the benefits of a magnetic name badge (badge holder with magnet). 

There are even avery clip style name badges, and cute badge clips with an acrylic name badge. The possibilities are endless, and you will learn this as you have more success in the event management and planning process.

Unique badge types

  • 100% Vegan: Choosing leather or another animal product is not always the best option for an event, especially if you may have vegan customers. 
  • Recycled Artisan Lanyards: If you would like to be a bit fancy, you can choose to spend a bit more money on artisan lanyards. These features are unique and will be something that donates to a local artisan, and is actually something that participants want to keep. 
  • Reclaimed Wood: The pricing may not be all that high for reclaimed wood, but it would be unique. You can always offset the price of a more expensive name tag with the ticket price.

Recyclable badges that you can use for conference check-in

More and more people are looking for eco-friendly options. This means sustainable badges that are not made of plastic. Instead, eco-friendly conference badges are biodegradable badges. It helps to lessen the carbon footprint of the event and can make attendees feel good. Materials used for eco-friendly badges include:

  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Plantable paper
  • Recycled lanyards

Badge printers and cardholders

If you have decided on your badge design, you will also want to consider an id card holder and lanyard. Then, it’s time to look into badge printers for events. Some companies can be hired for onsite badge printing for events, where they bring a conference badge printing system to the event. Be sure to inquire regarding printing costs.

Do You Need Event Badges for Your Event?

Event badges are extremely powerful and can help to ease the process of meeting new people at an event. Although it may seem unnecessary, having badges is important. Remember that names are data, so you need to protect this data and hire someone in tech support in case anything goes down during the event. Name tags will make or break an event, but when done correctly they can be the difference between your event being memorable or forgotten. 

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