Blackthorn’s Attendee Mobile App helps deliver IAB’s 2019 Annual Leadership Meeting (ALM)

Video of the app in action (shareable YouTube)

App functionalities

  • Connection requests
  • A two-sided opt-in for attendees to connect with each other
  • Chat limit/throttling to control how many requests someone could send
  • Connections were stored in Salesforce for post-event reporting on the most popular attendees
  • Push notifications
  • Initiated from Salesforce, Salesforce users could send push notifications to event attendees
  • Connection requests received push notifications
  • Feed
  • Attendees could post pictures, comment, and like posts in the event feed
  • Favorites
  • Attendees could favorite sponsors, speakers, and sessions for quick access to their own agendas


The attendee mobile app is slated for release to all customers in Q2, 2019.


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