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College Accreditation Software

Accreditation in higher education is an external quality assurance tool. It is an official recognition of a college or university’s strategy, teaching, student support, research, and human and material resources. It helps prospective students and interested partners to assess the quality of the college or university.

The accreditation in the higher education sector is also transnational and a cross-university process for the assessment of study offers in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at state or state-recognized universities. The idea behind the accreditations is to make bachelor’s and master’s degree programs easier to compare with one another.

What Are the Benefits of Accreditation?

The accreditation of a college or university promotes access to employment for its graduates, the international mobility of teachers and students as well as partnerships with other institutions and international organizations. Of course, accreditation was not an end in itself. It is more a part of the global quality assurance process, a process that has led, directly or indirectly, to numerous transformations in the education sector.

Accreditation Software

Completing the certification process can be monotonous work. Organizing the necessary files can be tedious. You may also need to employ a professional to help you sort the papers. New problems might also arise when you lose past records.

Accreditation software can help avoid this problem. With them, you can manage workflows, track progress, verify standards compliance, add feedback, identify issues, and send automatic alerts.

Let’s take a look at some of the best accreditation software out there: 


Accreditation software is usually divided into a few specific categories, such as accreditation for multiple applications in a university or government body set, and sophisticated review setup demands. OpenWater is one of the best accrediting software for organizations and groups like this.

The overhead of mailing out physical documents to reviewers is eliminated by having all of the applications kept remotely. An additional advantage of using OpenWater accreditation management software for colleges is that reviewers can give feedback for applicants and revisit the proposal. This direct line of contact aids in improving the standard of the applications by removing small gaps in the evaluation process.

It includes features like uploading high-resolution files for images, videos, and documents, drag and drop form builder, built-in payment services, reference letters, and creating a dependent field, as well as multiple categories.

Admins can quickly edit the app from the dashboard. Once the documents have been reviewed and verified, the application can be passed to proceed to the next step of the verification process.

The new collaboration feature allows multiple workers to work on just one application. You can also grade new and renewed questions, add or remove points using auto-scoring, and check submission eligibility.

Integration features ensure compatibility with popular CRMs like Aptify, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Yourmembership CRM.

In addition to the accreditation, OpenWater has an award management function to keep track of the entire award process and a fellowship management function to optimize operations behind the scenes for a smooth workflow.

Creatrix Campus

With Creatix Campus you can achieve all educational goals with a single solution – from the assignment of results and online assessment to OBE analysis and support with accreditation.

Creatrix’s evaluation and accreditation governance framework employs critical planning principles to a college’s learning, teaching, and assessment findings, allowing academics to plan for organizational and procedural accreditation without distress, lost chances, or failover.

Creatrix is a system that improves an institution’s workplace culture by moving procedures from a segregated to an integrated effort.

It satisfies the requirements of both the administrative and academic sections of a university.

Academic Solutions offers performance and result-based educational help, course management, assignment scheduling, test preparation, certification, details about students, and departmental management systems.

Creatrix Campus has a highly editable interface with a modern user outlay. The simplest but most time-consuming tasks such as scheduling, attendance, homework, and students can be managed through the cloud so that the group will be able to be productive and spend more time on the other important things.

You can easily create reports, arrange apps, and quickly manage data. All the desired results can be achieved in a short while.

Creatrix Campus is an all-in-one cloud software solution for higher education that manages everything from student data to academic systems. 


JetPack automates the accreditation process for creating, managing, and submitting documents.

With the user administration, you can configure and manage all user types that offer functions. You can also continuously create and change templates for self-study.

The data management functions provide data archiving, data porting, data import and export of old and new data, porting and modification of existing data, documentation to provide the team members with a manual of procedures, best practices, and other reference materials.

All reports can be generated directly from the dashboard and sent to a printer.

For assessment management, JetPack offers self-paced tracking to show the status of a self-paced study for each school, and a strategic assessment that allows users to enter and map critical topics with a subsection of strategic directions.

Additionally, a document management option is available to create custom data-driven records for access to reports and certificates.

JetPack is a solid and robust college certification system that offers a great number of characteristics, flexible pricing, and top-class security measures.


Weave simplifies the certification steps by giving assessments, departmental credential management, strategic planning, and program review.

Unlimited data storage allows you to save and access standards-related documents. It also provides greater visibility with powerful dashboards for viewing and editing reports and statistics.

Weave offers an accreditation management solution that allows a whole group of institutions and programs to be managed from one place. It can also help smoothen the accreditation process.

Notable features offered by Weave include institution, course and program assessment, program and institution accreditation, faculty credential management, program review, strategic plan tracking, and unlimited customizable templates.

In addition, processes can be optimized and redundancy reduced. After implementing this, Weave will offer training to all users.


The anchor accreditation and certification software allow you to easily manage the complex accreditation process. The solution can be designed to your taste, process, and workflow.

The software will allow you to set up audits to verify compliance with industry standards. You can collect as much data as you like, including notes, documents, comments, questions, and results, and add your own descriptions.

Educational institutions can enter data and display it live to examiners to certify institutional learning. You can also create your own tools by collecting certification data from projects and departments.

The armature software is highly configurable. You can create new questions and forms, define user roles and assign permissions, create report templates, update and manage standards, and much more.

The Armature Accreditation software provides all the functions required, including organizational and personnel management, process configuration, process management, and assessment setup in one package. You can buy a Perpetual license or opt for a subscription-based model.


Wizehive is a complete scholarship management software that helps you streamline the accreditation process for scholarships, grants, and higher education.

Here is the list of the main qualities of this SaaS software:

  • Workflow
  • Include standard activities that can be used to create workflows
  • Customizable standard workflow
  • Manage dependencies between tasks and workflows
  • Drag and drop to create workflows
  • 24/7 accessibility 

Here is the list of the main advantages of this software package:

  • ACID compliance
  • Ensuring that relationships between tables are consistent
  • Unicode support for multilingual capability
  • Ability to run the database seamlessly across multiple platforms
  • Possibility of recovering data in the event of a breakdown
  • 24-7 accessibility
  • Import – Export of data
  • 24-7 accessibility
  • Management of an online store – e-commerce site

Configuration, APIs, and Integrations

Wizehive Zengine offers APIs to integrate with other computer applications. These integrations allow, for example, to connect to a database, to exchange data, or even to synchronize files between several computer programs via an extension, a plugin, or an API (application programming interface/programming interface).

Wizehive is software in SAAS mode (software as a service): it is therefore supported by all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Mobile OS, etc.) because it is accessible from an Internet web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox).


Accreditation management software can help an institution in a number of ways. It can help your entire team to be part of the process instead of just being an observer and keep them up to date on the changes with updates.

If you want to make changes to your process manual to meet the new accreditation standards, you can make changes immediately and access the required documents at the push of a button from a central online repository.

The accreditation software frees you from paperwork and ensures that everything is organized and secure online.

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