Contactless Event Check-In

Contactless event check in is here now and it’s getting more and more popular. It’s true that the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to instigate its arrival a lot quicker than perhaps what was expected. And with all the guidelines set up about social distancing, contactless event check-in works now whether or not your crowd for your event has received the COVID-19 vaccine or not.

What Is Contactless Event Check-In?

Contactless event check in refers to checking in at events in person with technology to follow social distancing rules. Instead of long lines with people standing close to one another, contactless event check in uses certain technological tools.

With these tools, certain things are implied:

  • The interactions between people are kept to a minimum.
  • There are fewer things to touch – “touchpoints” – so that germs can’t be spread. (focusing on safety and hygiene.)
  • Many aspects of the event are taken care of online such as registration and event planning.
  • The interface used has to be user-friendly.
  • The interface used has to be easy to navigate.
  • The registration forms are easy to create.
  • There’s a shopping cart for guests to purchase tickets at the point of sale and online.
  • There’s a feature for assigned seating.
  • The contactless event tool integrates with online payment processors.
  • It also integrates QR codes.
  • It may have face recognition artificial intelligence capability

You might not get a contactless event check in tool that needs all the above features. Your event may only need five of them or six.

Tools to Use for Contactless Check-In

You’ll need a list of some of these contactless check in tools:

  • Eventbrite – This one works on real-time and allows you to track all your sales right there on your mobile phone. It allows a mobile event check-in and helps you track your attendance. Eventbrite also connects to your email and lets you set up several consecutive emails.
  • Regpack – This tool is good for creating registration forms that pertain to your specific event. You can have your guests do a check in by themselves and you can check in those who have a mobile phone. Sometimes companies have a need for a group check-in and Regpack is great for this purpose.
  • GoGuide – This tool is pretty advanced in that it uses RFID tags and Bluetooth. Because of the high tech, your customers can be told estimated times of arrival to prevent dealing with crowds. It will also tell them where to go – what entry gate – for the shortest line. It won’t get into road traffic safety – you still need GPS for that. The tool is updated on virtual queing, social distancing and contact tracing. There’s even a vision recognition system installed in this tool. It’s for the purpose of telling those not wearing masks to put them on via reminder.
  • Bevy – This tool is for you to plan, promote and execute all types of events, both in person events or virtual events. It also integrates payments, mobile check-ins and allows people to buy tickets and register at the gates.
  • Member Solutions – This is usually used for membership sites but part of it is for event registrations. One of its big advantages is that you can creatively come up with your own paperwork for guests and customers. They provide a whole template library. You can brand these forms with your own logo.
  • QRTiger – If you need lots of different options for QR codes. need to generate a QR code, QRTiger will do it. You can create a QR code number in bulk. You can convert the QR code into a url QR code. And you can create dynamic QR codes for businesses as well as track them.

Payment Processing Tools for Contactless Check-In

Using real-time computing for payment processing has made life a lot easier all around. No longer do you have to wait for processing and you don’t even need a computer monitor. Your Apple iphone or android allows simple point and click technology via cloud computing.

  • PayPal – May be used to sell event tickets even though the buyer doesn’t have a Paypal account. It can be integrated into the event management software program you use right now.
  • Venmo – Users can share and like payments and purchases through a social feed. It allows payment processing on the mobile phones. Works well if you have a community event or small group that is meeting.
  • Square – Payment is collected by manually entering in credit card information or by reading credit cards via a smartphone or device. The person may be right in front of you or on the phone so this is helpful for those who forgot the parent’s credit card before leaving home.

Face Recognition Software for Self Check-In Service

Artificial intelligence has progressed to the point during the COVID-19 pandemic where your cell phone can have an app attached with an image scanner for AI.

The tools for this work for pre-registered guests before they enter the exhibition hall where your event is located. They can be instantly identified without putting any of their luggage or tablet computer and electronic devices down.

There are five possibilities here to use this self-service option:

  • Expo Logic Face Recognition API – Detects people’s faces and sends the data via a check-in kiosk or station. The attendance badge is then printed right there for them to grab and enter the festival.
  • Kairos Face Recognition API – This app reads emotions besides faces, live as in a video stream and in a snapshot. It distinguishes age and gender as well.
  • Luxand.Cloud Face Recognition – This software can be set up to detect faces by comparing them to a database of faces. If you tag a face from your data base, it will find that person. This tool distinguishes people by age and gender and also emotion.
  • EyeRecognize Face Detection – This tool uses biometrics for eyes, nose, and mouth but it’s also good at detecting skin tone and hair color. The company is still working on gender, race and age differentiation.
  • Lambda Labs API – Based on biometric positioning of the eyes, nose and mouth, this tool also can classify people by their gender.

Scanning Apps for QR Codes for Contactless Check-In

  • Ticketsource – Your guests can scan their QR codes for instant validation and admission to your event. It’s one good way to lessen your workforce for your convention (meeting). Their tickets are scanned with an image scanner at the door. You do need a wifi or internet connection to make this one work.
  • Eventix Ticket Scanner – This tool works off your smartphone and scans over 1000 tickets per hour. If another person on your workforce is using it with you, that’s 2000 tickets per hour. It will scan the lists of registrations and then manually check them in.
  • CodeREADr – This is an app to scan the QR codes on tickets. It uses the image scanner of the smartphone or the ipad tablet device ( camera phone )

Contactless Check-In – Hopes for the Future

Contactless check in may be used in health care and in schools. Professional health care staff creating these programs and applications as well as risk management understand the need for information security, personal data being safeguarding, consent forms, and encryption. With scanning apps coming into the forefront, the face of medicine and medical procedures will change very soon.

Schools safety is another important focus in society now. Without school safety, the school experience for students on campus can become riddled with trauma when negative incidents occur. Considering regulations, school officials are constantly in the decision-making process on how much safety can be planned without parental consent. The use of facial recognition software may not arrive in the school systems just yet.

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