How to Waitlist Event Registrants in Salesforce Using Blackthorn Events

Waitlisting is a great way to collect information from every interested visitor – even those who were unable to sign up. And if you’re using Salesforce to manage your prospects and customers, there are huge benefits to using waitlisting within a native event management solution.

Because Blackthorn Events is 100% native, users control all aspects of waitlisting and events and can view registrants related to current leads and contacts without leaving their org. An example of the benefit: If the waitlisted individuals are contacts you’ve identified prior to the event as important, you can justify adding more seats – or another session depending on the number of waitlisters – to engage them.

Our waitlisting feature is in Beta.  Be one of the first and few to try it out and give functionality feedback before it goes live! Contact support today to get more information.

A quick dive on Blackthorn’s waitlisting feature capabilities

Salesforce allows organizations to better serve the needs of their customers and create personalized interactions that help both customers and organizations succeed, and events are a vital part of this process. Blackthorn makes event management more efficient. See the value of your events tied directly to your organizational goals and focus on building lasting relationships instead of processes.

A few benefits of using Salesforce and Blackthorn Events

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