Stripe and Salesforce Integration: Why use Blackthorn Payments

Blackthorn Payments provides the deepest Salesforce and Stripe integration available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Because we’re a trusted, official partner to both Salesforce and Stripe, teams can feel safe knowing they’re using a solution that’s on the forefront of online payment processing and customer relationship innovation.

With Blackthorn Payments, Salesforce users can manage everything Stripe offers without leaving Salesforce. Because our application is 100% native (meaning our app is built inside of Salesforce and uses records and automation logic), Blackthorn lets you process credit/debit cards and ACH payments directly from your org. Connect PCI-compliant transaction data to your customers’ record through a unique transaction record.

An example of Blackthorn’s unique transaction record

From a one-time payment, to complex recurring payments and payout flows, organizations can accept and process payments using our three payment tools.

An example of Blackthorn’s Virtual Terminal shows you how Salesforce users are able to view PCI-compliant card information.

Let’s get technical.

Blackthorn’s solution is extremely flexible, letting you customize payment workflows to fit your business’s unique payment processes. And because we understand the importance of secure data, all payment processes are Level 3 PCI-Compliant.

When card information is entered (either by the customer or a team member), sensitive card information is routed directly to Stripe, while basic information like dates and amounts get stored in Salesforce on related transaction records. Once it hits Stripe, through API’s, Stripe creates a stored token (a PCI-compliant record of the card) that routes back to Salesforce so users can view the card charged or use for later recurring charges. Data across both platforms is synced through webhooks, which means you can start payment processes in Stripe or Salesforce and the data can flow into one or both platforms.

So what’s the real benefit? All of your data in Salesforce.

  1. Streamline time-consuming, repetitive payment processes and scale, FAST. Take payments and eliminate downstream reconciliation issues. By receiving payment for services faster (like immediately instead of waiting for a 30-day invoice), while tying secure transaction data to any Salesforce object you define, teams increase time-to-payment collection and remove the need for later reconciliation. It also eliminates human errors because data is only entered once.
  2. Get a holistic view of your business financials using Salesforce reporting. When payment dates and amounts are viewable in Salesforce, you can create financial reports that show real-time information about your business’s financials. Make customer-centric, revenue-driving decisions faster.

If any of the scenarios above could help streamline your payment processes, scale your business fast by setting-and-forgetting payment processes? Reach out today.