The donation form all Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) users have been waiting for.

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Built for the NPSP

Blackthorn | Donations seamlessly integrates with Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). You can process donations through Stripe without leaving Salesforce. Opportunities, Payments, Recurring Donations and GAU allocations are all supported.

One-click donations

Send email campaigns to your existing donors to give with a single click. With this unique feature, our smart form is pre-filled with their stored payment method and information, the donor only needs to verify basic information to complete their donation with just a click.

10-minute setup

With our point-and-click Setup Wizard and video tutorials, it takes less than 10 minutes to get up and running and start receiving donations with our embeddable forms or hosted pages, even if you're not a seasoned admin or developer. No code or costly implementation required.

Embeddable donation forms

Create beautiful, embeddable donation forms that are fully configurable by just point-and-click and work on any device.
Works with any website

No code is needed to change any aspect of a form. Edit the colors, layout, currency, gateway, amounts, descriptions, Captcha, processing fee option, payment requirements and more all from within Salesforce.

Custom fields & Questions

Ask your donors custom questions. Select the type of field (picklist, checkbox, etc.), where you’d like your question to appear, the order, and more, then map the answer to any field in Salesforce. All without code.

One-click donations

True one-click donations, done right for the first time, natively on Salesforce. A unique experience for your donors.
Works with mass email & campaigns

Send emails to your existing donor base using Salesforce standard Mass Email or your own mass email tool, with or without using Campaigns and Campaign Members. You can also export your Contact list and form a custom donate URL with ease.

Pre-filled donor information & amount

If your donor receives a secure one-click donation link, we pre-fill their contact and payment information, they just need to confirm the billing ZIP and donating takes only a single click.

Donate button and popup form

Easy to embed donate button and popup form for any webpage, with the same great donor experience.
Donate button

A simple, elegant donate button that your donors will recognize and trust. You can use it on your website and in emails or ask someone to share it on theirs. It’s like your PayPal button.

Popup form

The form can pop up from any button on your page. The donor can give without leaving your custom site, the popup form that's layer on top closes after the donation, creating a seamless experience.

Hosted donation pages

Create beautiful, branded donation pages with no code. We auto-generate a hosted page for each form that works on any device.
Fully customizable

No code is needed to create or change any aspect of the hosted form. Edit the color scheme, layout, logo, background banner, content, layout type and more, all from within Salesforce.


For each Donation Form record created, a hosted page URL is auto-generated. It can be referenced from your website or an email campaign. Changes to the form are reflected in real-time on the same link.

Donations in Salesforce

Managing donations using standard Salesforce layouts can take 10+ clicks. With our Terminal it's only 3, on a single, easy to use Lightning Component.
Over the phone

With our configurable Terminal (Lightning Component) that enables users to add cards and process donations from a simple UI. Donations can be captured immediately or in the future. Works in Classic and Lightning.

Recurring donations

Using our Virtual Terminal, you can setup one-time and recurring donations without opening multiple tabs or clicking between multiple screens.

everything About


Build trust with your donors with reduced scope PCI compliance and bank-level
EV SSL for our hosted donation pages.

PCI Compliant

Reduced scope PCI Compliance out of the box with Stripe, by just filling out a short self-questionnaire (prefilled for you).

Tokenized card numbers

We don't store sensitive payment method details, such as card or bank account numbers.


We've implemented Google's latest reCAPTCHA v2 to provide an additional layer of security.'re not a seasoned admin or developer. No code or costly implementation required.


For Admins

Admins have complete control in managing, Rollups,
Transaction Reattempts, Receipts, Payment Schedules,
and the Virtual Terminal, without custom code.
Blackthorn utilizes the Metadata API to achieve what
normally would need code.

No code required

All aspects are point-and-click configurable for both the embeddable forms and the hosted pages. Create custom questions mapped to Salesforce fields, form actions, cover processing fees, multi-gateway, multi-currency and more.

Custom field mapping

You can create custom questions on donation forms and map them to any standard or custom field in Salesforce, they will populate automatically, with no custom code required.

Full & partial refunds

Process full or partial refunds easily within Salesforce, while keeping track of retained revenue and related refund transactions.

Stripe fully integrated

Set default handling around creating and updating mirrored records between the Transaction and Payment objects. Mirroring the Payment object keeps NPSP rollups intact. All logic can be called declaratively.

Reduced card declines

Automatic reattempt logic with reattempt tracking allows you to customize your process through Process Builder. With each reattempt, you can email your donor for a new card, create a task, run reports, and more.

Configurable receipts

Simple, no code receipt management. The Admin Panel can turn on automated simple receipts, or for multi-company or customized receipts, no code is needed when utilizing Process Builder and Email Alerts.