Event Attendee Lists for Event Managers

Whether your event is virtual, hybrid or in-person, you should always maintain an event attendee list. This helps you account for and record the number of people at the event, their names and contact info, and even the reason for their interest in your event. 

Having an event attendee list is essential for event planning too, because it helps you plan food and beverage amounts, venue size, or even the type of software to use. In this article, we’ll explain what an event attendee list is, and how you can maximize the benefits of having one.

What Is an Attendee List?

If you are planning to have people from all over the state, country or even all over the world attend your conference or events, then it is essential to understand the definition of an attendee list. An event attendee list is essentially a list of people who plan to come to your event. 

If you’re planning to provide attendees with different services, it will be critically important to keep them in an organized list. You want to be able to register attendees quickly, direct them to the right area, and answer any questions they may have. Knowing how you plan to categorize your attendees will help you do this. 

In some cases, attendees may come from far away areas to learn about what you have to offer. Having an attendee list sample to ensure it goes flawlessly, is essential. All of these people should also be registered and tracked during an event. It helps to make sure the event will be a great time, rather than a stressful one. 

What Can You Do with an Attendee List?

  • You Can Customize Your Emails: When managing visitors such as speakers, celebrities, and vendors, it is important to send different messages to different people. This will ensure each person receives a targeted message and marketing email. 
  • Invite Guests for Exclusive Experiences: One other important feature of an attendee list is that it allows you to send unique invitations. For example, welcoming celebrity visitors or speakers to a private party special for them. It can also help you distinguish between attendees. You do not want to be inviting the wrong people to VIP parties. 
  • Sort out The Information about Your Visitors: Being able to track the status of every participant, whether they have enlisted or paid, is a great feature. 
  • Invite Attendees for Future Events: Understand who plans to return to the next event. This way you can send them an invitation or reminder later on. 
  • Follow Up with Attendees: This is important because it will give the guests the thought that you care about what they think. Being able to follow up with them also allows you to market whatever event you have next.
  • Control the Number of Participants: If you do not have unlimited space, then having the ability to control the exact number of people who arrive is a nice feature. 
  • Offer Challenge Prizes for Online Influencers: Influencers typically have a large social media following, this might be bloggers, journalists, artisans, or models. Having these people visit your event, and providing them with prizes for bringing the most people to your event, can bring you huge success.
  • Incentives for Volunteers and Street Teams: In some cases, you may have music advertisers, event venues, or halls that suggest they wish to be a part of the program. 
  • Assist You with Knowing Who Your Ambassador Are: When you’ve hosted an event, you can also include brand ambassadors. These people can even help you run your event in small ways.

How to Build a List of Conference Attendees

When you want to build a conference attendees list or a list of conference attendees, you will need to do a bit of work. There are many ways to build a list of conference attendees, and it will be worth it in the end because you will have a conference attendee checklist to help you deliver the event smoothly. 

This list of conference attendees may be those you want to learn from, speak with, or simply use to help organize the event. There are many places where you can find information about the attendees, and the two easiest ways are through the official conference website or the official conference app.

Usually, the big events will feature the important attendees on their website. This will include information regarding the program, venue, and whoever is speaking. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Build the list manually: it may take some time, but it will be accurate if you check over multiple times.
  • Use a scraping tool to build a list of leads: this may involve using “Instant Data Scraper”, a Chrome extension. All you will need to do is install the extension. 

How Do You Keep Track of Event Attendees?

You may be wondering how to track attendance at events once the event is on. This can seem to be difficult, but if you put a plan into a place you will find it is not all as difficult as it might seem. For example, taking attendance electronically tends to be the best option. It makes accessibility easy for everyone involved, even during meetings. 

Different Ways to Track Attendance

  • Scanning a QR code with a mobile app: This makes it easy to access tickets through the devices. 
  • Manual check-in on computer or tablet: If people do not have a mobile phone, or wish not to give users permission to their phones, then you can check it directly from your own device.
  • Manual check-in on your personal mobile phone: If one of the attendees cannot find their QR codes, you can look them up on your own phone. This is best if you do not have a computer or tablet available.
  • Card swiping with phone or computer: Attendance can be tracked by using a portable tracking tool. Simply plug the card reader into your phone or another device, and you are ready to record attendance.
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