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Google Forms for Check-in

What is Google Forms? Google Forms is an affordable, easy-to-use option (it’s free!) to manage check-ins for your events. Google Forms is part of G Suite (which includes Google Docs and other tools), with access right next to your Gmail inbox. It’s a go-to tool if you need to DIY your event check-ins on a budget. 

With workflow automation in only one click, it allows you to customize and capture the essence of what you need from an event check-in. Do you need to add a quick check-in tutorial, or maybe a widget to your website with the form? It allows you to do those as well. 

Curious about how you can manage check-ins for your events using Google Forms? Read on.

How Does Google Forms Work?

If you’re not familiar with creating online form registration for an event, you may be wondering, how do I use Google Forms to check-in my guests? Google Forms is a user-friendly event management tool that can be applied to all types of events, from small parties to large-scale, multi-day conferences. It is especially useful in an education setting if you’re hosting an event for students or just running daily virtual classrooms.

Google makes it easy with a form template option to make your event form. You can go ahead with setting up a morning check-in for students by requiring students to answer some questions when they arrive at the virtual room. You could use Google Forms to do a check-in form for daily attendance, weekly submission, or even emotional or mental health assessment. You could send a hyperlink or transform it into the form of a QR code and make it easy for students to scan and collect data.

Create and Grade Quizzes with Google Forms

Google Forms is also an ideal platform for teachers to create and grade quizzes. Not only can you track attendance, but you can also create quizzes and grade them in the same location. This makes it easy for students to follow along while you do this, and understand exactly what they did correctly, or incorrectly. Steps to do create and grade quizzes with Google Forms:

  • Open a form in Google Forms
  • At the top of the form, click the link to “Settings”
  • Turn on “Make this a quiz”
  • Optional: To collect email addresses, next to “Responses,” click the Down arrow and turn it on to collect email addresses

Student Google Check-in Forms

Here are a few of the features that can be made with Google Forms:

  • Attendance tracker
  • Daily check-in for distance learning
  • Daily check-in using Google Classroom (Google Forms)
  • Emotional or mental health check-in/assessment
  • Quizzes
  • Polls and surveys
  • Course evaluation

When you decide you want to assign forms, you need to take in all of the necessary information before you customize them. This includes anything from events, used apps, and features you may have used before. Be sure to capture the essence of your class. This can be done as a manual job as well depending on the price and your budget. 

As you begin to assign the forms, make a new copy for each week. This can be done in response to the forms you get. Send the link through a Google Slides Template, and you will be good to go.

Why Use Daily Check-in Forms?

As a G Suite service subscriber, you are offered Google Forms as part of the website features. Using daily check-in on Google Forms is the best way to check in with your students regardless of where they are. Even if you are not in the classroom, they can be very useful. You can even decide to share the responses with other teachers if you happen to share students. 

Essentially, daily check-ins give you a bit of insight into the lives of students. You can know how they are feeling, and how you can best serve them as a teacher. When putting on classroom events you can know who to separate, or even who is causing trouble, it can give you a lot of great insight overall. 

Should I Use Google Forms for Daily Check-in?

If you are focusing on marketing efforts for an event you would track which products are offering the most sales, right? In a classroom setting, you need to know which students are logging on to the virtual platform.

Having Google Forms for check-in is not an add-on, but a necessity. It can be as simple as the students logging into a browser and saying they are present, but it can also go one step further by assessing their emotional health. If you are worried about your students during the pandemic, giving them a place to feel safe and cared for is the best option.

Google Forms for daily check-in provides the platform to do that, and it is already built into your G Suite. Consider this today for your classroom needs. 

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