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Create, register, run, and report on events all from Salesforce. Support your department’s event management needs or implement event programming across the entire campus.
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Student Success

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Alumni & Donors

Event Wizard

Create your next campus event in minutes with our new Event Wizard.


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Admissions Events

View the entire path of each student from their first inquiry, all the way to move in day.


Request family or student-influencer contact information on registration forms so they can also receive important reminders and communications.

Reduce manual, repetitive tasks by using event cloning, recurring events, email and landing page templates, and Action Plan tracking.

Our limited-click registration forms help increase completion rates and ask questions that help you identify "right fit" students before they get to your campus. View all of this data in their contact record, right next to other admissions data.

Marry Salesforce + Blackthorn contact/lead matching and add extra layers of duplicate prevention.

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Honor Roll

From California to Connecticut, the nation’s leading universities use Blackthorn Events to plan, run and report on their admissions, student life, and alumni events.


Student Events

Through Salesforce Communities, empower students to create their own events for student clubs or organizations.


With one click, set up events and add details from a mobile phone or desktop.

Set up searchable categories for all events. Students can view events specific to their interests based on grouped events.

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Engagement & Donor Events

You’re using Salesforce to build lifelong alumni and donor relationships, but your events take a lot of time to plan, and worse yet, it’s hard to prove their
ROI in the alumni journey.
When you need to show how alumni events are increasing engagement and fundraising, Blackthorn can help.

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Create and manage any type of alumni event in Salesforce. Work with alumni to coordinate a meetup, host a private dinner, or let your team run large alumni gatherings like tailgates and fundraising efforts. Events can be online or in person

Embed a calendar view that automatically shows those events on your public-facing website, or use communities to show events relevant to the user.

Show the impact your fundraising events have on overall institutional goals.