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Complete Multi-Language Translation for Event Pages and Registration

If you’re hosting events across the globe with individuals of different nationalities and language…

Connect with Attendees Pre and Post Event Using our New Email Template Builder

If you use Salesforce to send emails, you know how challenging it can be to create engaging emails u…

Embed your event landing pages, calendars, and forms on your website with Blackthorn Events

Your brand is the story that connects people to your products and services. And individuals looking …

How to Manage Online Events in Salesforce with Blackthorn Events

It’s safe to say that everyone is making changes due to the recent social distancing requests …

How to manage subscriptions in Salesforce with Blackthorn Payments

Let’s face it; subscription models are often complex. Say you have 50 customers on subscription pl…

How to Maximize Online and Virtual Events in Your Admissions and Recruitment Strategy

Campuses around the globe have canceled their visit days, tours, and other admissions events, which …

Integrate GoToWebinar, Zoom, and Webex Webinars into Salesforce

Back in March, when businesses canceled in-person events to help fight the spread of COVID-19, we re…

Payments 101 – What is a Payment Gateway and How is it Different than a Payment Processor?

Making a payment is a crucial touchpoint in any customer journey. While payments may seem simple fro…

Scaling Billing In Salesforce for SaaS Companies

I was recently on a call with the founder of a Salesforce Implementation company new to Blackthorn, …

Understanding Strong Customer Authentication and What to Expect

The rapid rise of digital banking across the global economy has made securing transactions and prote…

The Ultimate Hybrid Events Guide (Version 1)

In August 2020, global events company, Identity Group, released a study. They wanted to know what ev…

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