Low-Cost Nonprofit Marketing Software Proven to Work

As a nonprofit, it’s crucial to design successful marketing campaigns so that a nonprofit can get donations. Benefactors will be more enticed to donate if a nonprofit organization implements strong marketing campaigns that are friendly and informative. While nonprofits can write emails, publish blogs, and expand their reach on social media, it doesn’t guarantee better crowdfunding results.

To successfully reach digital marketing milestones as a nonprofit, having a perfect marketing strategy is critical. While a nonprofit could focus on building a winning strategy, it would be more beneficial to use low-cost marketing tools. Marketing programs have been proven to produce results and can be a valuable tool for nonprofits that are well established or just starting.

What Is Nonprofit Marketing Software?

Marketing and engagement software is a type of program that can help manage a business’s marketing campaigns. For example, some marketing programs designed for nonprofits will include auto emails, social media marketing, and analytics. However, each program ranges in features and tools.

Marketing software can be helpful to nonprofits because it can provide the following:

  • Saves on marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Furthers a company’s reach
  • Provides useful analytics
  • Records members
  • Calculates funds raised
  • Improves communication
  • Enhances reputation

Best Marketing Software For Nonprofits

The best nonprofit programs include nonprofit marketing tools that can help improve marketing performance at a value. When gauging which one to choose, the best recommendation is to look at which application complements a company’s nonprofit marketing plan. 

Some of the best programs for nonprofits include:

  • Zoho
  • Mailchimp
  • Salsa Labs
  • 360MatchPro
  • MarketSmart
  • PG Calc

There may be other low-cost marketing tools on the market, but these are the long-standing ones that have been proven to be effective for implementing strategies. Below, we’ve listed an overview of the leading marketing software for nonprofit organizations.

Zoho Overview

Zoho is a sales force automation that helps support routine sales, marketing and provides support functions to optimize work-time. The program helps reduce manual web page data entry, eliminates redundancies, and helps keep a company functioning without wasting time. 

The Zoho features the following:

  • Lead Management – helps capture, identify, and automate leads to help convert, follow up, and store contact information.
  • Deal Management – includes monitoring and closing deals in less time.
  • Contact Management – provides real-time insights concerning customers, volunteers, etc. This allows a company to build strong relationships with all members.
  • Workflow Automation – Workflow automation provides updates for members automatically. No need for manual input, which allows tasks to be performed much faster.

SalsaLabs Overview

SalsaLabs is a smart engagement CRM and nonprofit engagement software. The program combines best practices, education, machine learning, and support to nonprofit organizations. With one single platform, a business can access a wide range of programs and tools.

The SalsaLabs features the following:

  • Contributor Management – provides organizing information, tracking, and interactions.
  • Fundraising – records and sets goals for fundraisers within an organization.
  • Advocacy – makes it easy to advocate and incorporates communication about the organization’s mission.
  • Events – helps monitor and plan events in a database where organization members can access all information.
  • Nonprofit Email Marketing – automation can help assist nonprofits to maximize their fundraising pitches and help gather volunteers.

360MatchPro Overview

360MatchPro’s design is to help organizations raise money through benefactor management. The program has easy integration and is perfect for any member to use. Active members and potential members can view information at any time and are kept up to date on potential matching gifts.

The 360MatchPro features the following:

  • Identification Tolls – helps members understand their eligibility and makes supporting easy. This includes forms, sending out emails, and providing an email domain.
  • Automated Target Donor Engagement – allows eligible supporters to get gifts matched with email mechanics and active matching gift opportunities. This includes automation, frequency of emails, monitors metrics, subscriptions, restrictions, and segmentation.
  • Brand Customization – includes design aspects of messages, presentations and helps reflect the organization. This includes logos in emails, domains, messaging, and URLs.
  • Bonus Security – Uses the latest technology and built-in features to help store and protect a company’s data. This includes firewall protection, two-factor logins, logs employee logins, and data encryption.

MarketSmart Overview

MarketSmart provides intuitive technology which helps support legacy gift fundraising. The program includes comprehensive tools that can help cultivate and prioritize prospects. The use of implementing MarketSmart has improved communication and higher supporter engagement.

Some of the MarketSmart features include the following:

  • Provides Prospective Supporters – provides meetings with passionate supporters at the right time.
  • Leveraging technology – helps build lasting relationships with members that don’t come across as spam. No cold-calling is necessary as the program creates content promptly.
  • Self-regulating emails – automated emails will be sent out to all members and also sent to potential supporters. This helps strengthen the bond and further reach of a nonprofit.

PG Calc Overview

PG Calc provides powerful marketing services that can help boost a company’s reach. What the tool mainly does is help craft emails to supporters and helps strengthen bonds. PG Calc backing their nonprofits can help build a trustworthy network and newsletter that entices backers.

The PG Calc features the following:

  • Connects Benefactors – helps connect nonprofits with prospective backers through the use of traditional online marketing initiatives. The company will help customize a marketing strategy that is targeted at a nonprofit’s target audience.
  • Strengthen Program – experts will help identify weaknesses, minimize financial losses, and help produce an analysis to maximize benefits.
  • Expert Tools – tools can help present benefits and planned gifts to contributors. Additionally, the program allows companies to create gift annuity agreements and gift calculations.
  • Gift Administration – outsources the work to PG Calc and allows nonprofits to focus on other tasks. Planning and expertise use GiftWrap, another program that helps fulfill stewardship and compliance.

Nonprofit Marketing Software FAQ

How Do You Market a Nonprofit Organization?

There are plenty of methods to market a nonprofit organization. Learning to utilize a good digital marketing strategy can help nonprofits raise enough funds and attract more candidates to support the mission. That being said, here’s a quick list of factors that can enable implementation of a marketing strategy:

  • Find target audience/market
  • Set goals
  • Create emails/brochures etc. to get people interested
  • Make a social media strategy
  • Create a website
  • Make a database of the cause
  • Showcase funds earned and results of the nonprofit’s efforts
  • Form partnerships

How Do Nonprofits Find Donors?

Nonprofits find backers by widening their reach. General methods to finding donors include prospect research, relationship mapping, and through the use of social media. However, nonprofits can also find potential donors by building partnerships, getting out into the community, and hosting public events.

How Much Does Donor Software Cost?

Most programs enable a nonprofit to have a free grace period to demo their product. If the organization likes the application, it can purchase a monthly subscription and continue using the service. On average, the cost of using the program monthly is anywhere from $0 to $200. The more features, tools, and customizability, the more expensive it will be.

What Is Donor CRM?

CRM, or customer relationship management, is where interactions are managed between the organization and its supporters. A Donor CRM will help attract new supporters, market the company, and provide helpful strategies to meet organization milestones. Most methods are marketing campaigns, but some other methods include using social media, emails, mobile texts, etc.

Is Nonprofit Marketing Software Worth It?

Nonprofit marketing software is worth it if a company is limited on resources and wants a cost-efficient and effective method to market the organization. Otherwise, it isn’t necessary if the charity already has a broad enough reach. However, marketing programs do simplify the marketing process and provide multiple analytic tools which can lessen work hours and reduce extra costs.

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