Nonprofit Fundraising Software

Fundraising is the backbone of nonprofit organizations, but it can be difficult to keep all of the money and gifts organized. Choosing an interactive and philanthropic fundraising software does not come without its challenges. You should be looking for solutions that are both customizable, as well as informative. If you’ve seen an influx in mass donations, or your program has increased supporters, then it is time to choose a fundraising software that is right for your organization. See which one suits your needs, whether that is an all-in-one product or something that is a bit more niche. 

Top Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

If you are overwhelmed by messy spreadsheets and different applications, you need to make a change. If your NGO is new, then the process of choosing a nonprofit fundraising software is even more important. Donations are essential, therefore a tool for management of those donations is as well. The same can be said regarding an established organization as well. There are many different fundraising software solutions available, each with its own positives and negatives. Some of the best fundraising options include Network for Good, Qgiv, Boomerang, NeonCRM, Double the Donation, as well as Kindful. We have broken them each down to showcase the features of different solutions, and which might be best for your organization.

Network for Good Overview

There are pros and cons for all of the Network for Good features. Some of the primary features include a Smart Donor Database, Unlimited Email Blasts, Modern Fundraising Pages, and Event Ticketing Pages. These are all great for organizing donations, custom gifts, supporter money, as well as keeping tack of pricing. Network for Good integration also offers unlimited users, which can be incredibly helpful when you have a large organization. 

The Network for Good reviews showcases this platform as being helpful to reach your fundraising and philanthropic goals, as well as connect with supporters. It is known as an all-in-one software with a feature on the guide as an interactive whole. With the Network for Good support and economical Network for Good pricing, the Network for Good fees seems worth it and will be able to shape your organization. 

Qgiv Overview

Qgiv is a comprehensive fundraising software platform. It provides a variety of different Qgiv features, such as online giving tools, event registration as well as peer-to-peer fundraising, and gamification. These are supported by different Qgiv integrations as well.

There are some pros and cons in the Qgiv reviews regarding Qgiv pricing, but it seems to be worth it due to the Reporting and tracking tools, as well as mobile fundraising functionalities. Other special features include an auction software and a mobile bidding app, as well as mobile giving kiosks for on-site giving.

Qgiv support is top-notch, and the Qgiv fees are impressive as well, starting at no cost per month, and only 3.95% + $0.30 per transaction. Overall this platform works with your browser, offers templates, and is once of the best research platforms available. 

Bloomerang Overview

The Bloomerang nonprofit CRM offers a variety of Bloomerang features, with many pros and cons. The Bloomerang reviews state that this product is designed to help nonprofits raise more funds. This is done by focusing on the relationships that often come with fundraising. 

Some of the features you can expect from Bloomerage include being able to view the entire engagement history of supporters, as well as creating smart segments for efficient donor outreach. There is also the ability to find any potential lapses before they occur, which is great for emergency management. Overall, the Bloomerang integrations with Qgiv, DonorSearch, QuickBooks Plus, and Zapier, provide the ability to identify metrics most important for growth.

This software is more than just a CRM because Bloomerang was designed by fundraising experts and professionals. It works with your event staff, your website, and all of the data on the page. Along with this, the Bloomerang support team is very strong, because they need to be able to support organizations that are planning growth in the fundraising space. 

Aside from integrations, there are also built-in features of Bloomerang’s software. These include payment processing, custom reports, social media tools, and segmentation options. These are all available on a sliding scale of Bloomerang pricing, with Bloomerang fees starting at $0, and ranging up to $79 per month for 750 records, and then $99 monthly for up to 1,000 records. Should these fees be too much, they also offer a sliding scale as well.

NeonCRM Overview

Designed for nonprofits that need to raise more money, NeonCRM is a cloud-based solution with a lot of potential. Some of the NeonCRM features have pros and cons, but they work in harmony to assist in donor engagement efforts. For example, some of the NeonCRM support options include simple communications tools as well as event planning management and registration. There are also reporting tools, as well as the ability to customize donor profiles.

Most of the NeonCRM reviews state that this product allows you to find the right donors, and then target them effectively. More than just tracking and managing donor data, and more than simply peer-to-peer crowdfunding. This platform allows you to generate success and scale your NGO through automated experiences, and by budget. You can also utilize nonprofit web design tools to make more of an impact.

NeonCRM integration with various tools makes sense because the NeonCRM pricing can be higher than other products. Starting at $99 per month for the essential tools, and ranging up to $299 per month for the full suite of donor and membership management tools.

Double the Donation Overview

The Double the Donation overview is basically that it is the best gift software with a few pros and cons. Specifically,  Double the Donation features give you the advantage to generate fundraising revenue. Double the Donation integration also supports an embeddable searchable database that allows donors to look at gift matching programs.

The Double the Donation reviews state that all the tools are easy to use and that donors are more likely to put in a matching gift request when using it. This means that it leads to more donations overall.

For small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations, the Double the Donation support system is great. For larger NGOs, it is more beneficial to use the other tool from this same company called 360MatchPro. 360MatchPro is an automated matching gift software that automatically matches all eligible donors and sends educational materials to initiate conversation.

One of the caveats with this tool is the Double the Donation pricing which starts at $1200 per year. Additionally, this will only work for NGOs that are raising less than $10,000 in annual matching gift revenue. If you plan to raise more than this in matching gift revenue you will need to look into a customized plan, which will definitely be more expensive. However, with campaign reporting, being able to leverage social cost, and a user-friendly interface, this platform is worth it. 

Kindful Overview

Many of the Kindful features involve those that relate to relationship sharing, and tools that get down to the root of homo sapiens. Some of the pros & cons include email performance metrics next to accounting details, as well as Kindful support that shows you an incredible picture of your overall situation.  Kindful is built to connect all of the different Kindful integrations you use. This means any developer can come in and connect applications. This Kindful support provides transparency in the process of growth and marketing. 

Most of the Kindful reviews involve the Kindful pricing. These Kindful fees range from $100 to $700 monthly, for 1,000 to 70,000 contacts. Anything larger requires a custom quote. 

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