Nonprofit Membership Management Software: Facts You May Not Know

Have you heard of Capterra, CommunityPass, ZiffDavis, Fonteva, DoubleKnot, Freshbooks, or Amilia? Are you using any of these membership management software packages for donation for your nonprofit?

The advantage of using this type of automation is an increase in paid memberships within the first year of using the software. For example, OmniMagnet boasts that with their company product there’s a 33-75% increase in the paid memberships that first year. The software runs on artificial intelligence, can build automation in a snap, considers the user experience, and stores the information in computer data storage. It’s considered application software.

Another advantage of using membership management software packages is that donor numbers increase – and stay with your organization to keep giving donations. And these programs take the stress out of the process of fundraising and managing donors.

That’s important because if anything can be done to streamline maintenance (technical) via a computing platform, more time can be spent on lead generation, email marketing, the creation of an incentive for a fan (person), or better website. Saving time is always a high priority in any organization, voluntary association or company.

What’s Everyone Doing for Their User Interface?

About 93% of associations currently use a membership system, according to NeonCRM. They have decided that this type of tool is indispensable as a customer relationship management system, for volunteering, event management, revenue tracking, accounting tool, as an aid to social media, payroll, e-commerce and retail sales and presents a good image to the community.

Use of membership management software is especially helpful when philanthropy events are planned, money has to be exchanged for the ticket (admission) and financial transactions, and distance education (with classroom educational materials download resources), or coaching or even interactive media are in the planning phases.

Another statistic from is that when associations and nonprofit organizations were surveyed by Association Adviser, 26% of the organizations stated that by upgrading their membership management software, it made the greatest impact of their organization.

How could it help?

What Is Factor Analysis?

Well, imagine if your organization has a complete content management system (CMS) that even uses factor analysis. Factor analysis is where you can set up a website or webpage specifically with design elements – headline, subheading, images, Buy Now button, different price points, etc. and then have the artificial intelligence do all the professional data web tracking on the user (computing), create a comparison report, analyze the winning price point, and give your leadership the smart direction needed to push your organization into greater revenue.

Factor analysis puts your marketing research on steroids. It’s one of the most important methodology used these days in the field of information technology.

You then know the trends; you know what choices the end users are making, and you can use the AI machine learning to your advantage. More importantly, in factor analysis, artificial intelligence of the management system does a lot more than what a human could ever do in a shorter period of time.

What About Engagement Management?

Another way membership management software helps you is in the area of engagement management. Once you have a fundraiser planned, managing everything about that event is something more easily done with Project Management and technical support staff. This helps your organization, independent school or academy and might even make events into a business opportunity of the future.

These aspects of engagement event management are handled with this type of software:

  • Personalization of the members’ data for targeted advertising
  • Contact with the database users via mobile app, blog, address book, instant messaging
  • Employee schedule coordination for tasks
  • Creation of an internet forum, web portal, web page for the event, server (computing), digital card,
  • Even possible telecommunication meetings
  • Early market research based on the end user history
  • Making sure the contractual terms needed are set up and legal for your online community
  • Designing of any spreadsheet needed for the event for the school or academy
  • Training of the staff for direct marketing, mail order (and package tracking) and bespoke retail items to your brand

The cloud computing fundraising software is considered to be a multi-tier architecture created for your clients’ purchasing needs as well as your own organization’s service. It most likely fits in with your concurrent computing technical hardware, document management system, and software (and software widgets).

Top 2 Nonprofit Membership Management Software

When it comes to the top automation software systems for membership for nonprofit organizations, what are the top ones? What type of payment / price / fee are they asking? What type of customer database features and benefits do they offer? Can they help you with event management? Do they include a payment processor? What type of professional staff or technical support do you need to run them? Is licensure of the software necessary? All these are questions that you will want to consider when making a choice of the best system for your organization or association.

Let’s do a rudimentary comparison here of two of the rated membership content management system (CMS):


(Ranked #1 Membership Management Software on Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular Membership Management Software Report)

Automates over 90% of your administrative tasks. It’s used by thousands of associations, clubs, nonprofit organizations, and other types of membership organization. You can register new members, sell products, and process donations. Member event sales and donation data is stored in one database that may be filtered or searched. All invoices or payments are processed automatically.

You can also send all email correspondence and your newsletter straight from your database. You can add on admin staff to access the database easily. You can restrict privileges to them as well. You get a 30-day free trial with WildApricot.

Expect mobile-friendly forms, customizable member application forms, discount codes, group memberships, easy membership renewals, event sign-ups, real time updates, spreadsheets may be imported into the program, and customizable databases. You can add networking forums and specialized blogs, and a public directory ( address book ) of members’ businesses or one only reserved for your members to see is available to create as well. Unlimited support is available.


If you have used a spreadsheet program for years for your database management system, NeonCRM may be your next move. It will track your member donor and event data. NeonCRM combines multiple spreadsheets and software so you end up with one single database. The learning curve may be a little steep in the beginning but once you integrate all your current data, it’s a lot easier. There are built-in guides to make the transition easier and the system even sets you a schedule so all tasks get done. You will start with donations, email lists, payment gateway and hero forms, and then move to events.

The software allows you to:

  • track campaigns and event management easily
  • track event attendees for the purpose of building relationships after the event
  • automate email system and mail merge
  • use point and click reports to help you manage volunteers, online retail store orders, and activity tracking
  • automate receipting

Merely reading this information can only give you the basics but what is really better is a product demo. Companies that create this type of software will usually have a standard version with basic pricing and then a premium product with premium pricing. Always get your company/organization leadership to try the software before you buy. You will want to build automation to suit your organization needs.

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