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Connect and engage with members and donors through virtual and in-person events.

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Easily plan, register, and report using Salesforce with flexible, native event management. Remove barriers created by limited event features, lack of time and resources, and missing attendee insights that help you grow your member and donor bases.

Grow your Donor Base with Actionable
Data and Engaging Events


From galas to golf, art shows to auctions, (in-person or virtual) easily create and manage details for any type of event.

Let your teams (internal or volunteer) spend more time creating engaging events instead of dealing with the technical logistics headache. Works with Salesforce Communities or can be embedded on existing website pages.

With a holistic view of members and donors in Salesforce⁠—including their interests, communications, past donations and their event data— you can easily invite them to relevant events, to increase your audience and event attendance.

Integrate with marketing platforms to invite attendees, promote your events, and continue the conversation post-event. Works cohesively with video conferencing/online engagement tools as well to make your virtual events a success.

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Our Success Stories

With the transition to virtual events due to COVID-19, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute was able to increase attendance and engagement by targeting the right individuals with the right events.

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PMD Alliance seeing growing #’s for virtual donor events, on target to make $50,000 October fundraising goal.

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