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Easy for Agents, Convenient for Customers

Reduce friction in the checkout process and give customers a positive, online shopping experience with Agent Payments.
Whether on the phone or online using Salesforce Live Chat, call center agents can quickly pull up customer information and request a secure, PCI-compliant payment without leaving Salesforce.

Pre-Generated Transaction Links

With pre-generated transaction links, your live chat agents can quickly send visitors a secure payment request within the chat window.

Once the customer clicks on the link, a window appears to input card data. After completion, a related transaction record is created and viewable through the customer record.

Phone Payments

Payment workflows to save time and increase security

Phone agents can use Blackthorn’s Virtual Terminal to capture customer payment information
in Salesforce using the payment gateways such as Stripe. In most cases, a third-party IVR software is used during the call to
automatically look up or capture existing account information.

PCI Compliance and Security in Salesforce

Data security is our top priority. Card information is never stored in Salesforce or on other platforms, making Agent Payments PCI-compliant.

Card numbers are sent directly to payment gateways through our secure API, while dates, amounts, and payment status are stored on a related transaction record in your Salesforce account.
MOre About

Payment Scheduler

EZ Presets

By entering just a few values, you can create forward looking transactions by charge frequency, count, date, amount options, and currency. Normally complex billing scenarios become a breeze with this simple but powerful engine.

Advanced Scheduling

If you want to get crazy, you can use our advanced features. Scenarios such as billing on the second Tuesday of February for four years are accomplished in just six clicks. If you find a scenario we don’t support, please write us for a free t-shirt!

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