Plaid Auth for Salesforce

Instantly authenticate accounts in Salesforce with Plaid

Faster Bank Payments

Blackthorn’s integration with Plaid enables users to accept secure bank-to-bank (ACH) payments from Salesforce in seconds. Unlike traditional ACH payments, Plaid works with Stripe to eliminate microdeposit wait times and the need for a user to input their bank account and routing information. With Plaid, users can simply verify their account via their bank credentials, for faster processing and a frictionless experience.

How it works

With PayLink, you can create mobile-friendly, branded, and PCI-compliant self-checkout experiences for your customers.

When your customer clicks the “Pay” button, they will have the option to select “Bank” as their preferred payment option.

They’ll first need to create and authenticate their account with Plaid in order to initiate bank transfers.


Next, they’ll select their bank / financial institution and enter their bank credentials, and choose whether they want to pay from their checking or savings account.

A success message will pop up when the transactions been completed and they will have the option to download or receive an emailed copy of their receipt.

Once complete, their transaction record is automatically updated in Salesforce with the transaction amount and the payment method.


Key Benefits

Higher conversions

Fast, simple payment processing for a seamless experience.


Rest assured knowing your transaction is secure. PayLink utilizes Stripe for PCI compliance and is SCA-ready.

More payment flexibility

Plaid works with any bank or credit union in the US.

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