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An Innovative Solution: Payment Processing in Salesforce + Blackthorn Mobile Payments

Blackthorn Team
November 13, 2019
An Innovative Solution: Payment Processing in Salesforce + Blackthorn Mobile Payments

A major goal of any field service business is to scale as quickly as possible. But as your organization grows, you may struggle to keep up. Processes get more complicated and arduous, stifling your operational efficiency. 

One common snag in the workflow is payment processing, especially if your company works with Salesforce Field Service Lightning Mobile.

That’s because Salesforce doesn’t currently offer native payment processing. When agents collect cash onsite, it can lead to downstream reconciliation issues. Invoicing customers causes long wait times for payment, hurting your cash flow. 

So what can you do? Turn to Blackthorn’s Mobile Payments Solution for help with payment processing in Salesforce.

Benefits of Salesforce Field Service Lightning Mobile + Blackthorn Mobile Payments 

Change your company’s payment processing game when you combine Salesforce's Field Service Lightning (FSL) Mobile app with Blackthorn’s innovative Mobile Payments solution.

  • FSL Mobile provides on-the-go workforces with up-to-date, accurate information about service orders.
  • Blackthorn Mobile Payments lets organizations receive payment for services faster while tying secure transaction data to service orders.

The benefit is a holistic business solution 

  • Teams resolve customer issues on the first visit
  • Get paid faster
  • Eliminate downstream reconciliation issues 

More cash-on-hand and automated reporting mean companies can make customer-centric, revenue-driving decisions faster. 

Industries that benefit from payment processing in Salesforce include (but are not limited to):

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Utility Companies 
  • Retailers or Consumer Goods Companies with a Services Division
  • Consumer Goods Companies with Distribution Centers

Here’s How It Works

  1. Customers pay with card, check, or cash. Swipe, tap, or dip using card reader technology or log ACH, cash, or check data. (Note: EMV-certified card-present payments offer reduced processing fees.)
  2. If agents need a last-minute part to finish the job, products and pricing can be added without leaving the app.
  3. After completing the transaction, a receipt is auto-generated and emailed to the customer.
  4. Payment and order data are logged in Salesforce. Sensitive credit card information is sent securely to payment gateways like Stripe, meaning you’ll never be at risk for storing data in a non-PCI-compliant way.

Blackthorn Mobile Payments is the only available service that allows technicians to take payments onsite with the Field Service Lightning Mobile App using a card reader. Customer and transaction data are automatically, immediately, and securely sent to your Salesforce CRM

With pricing tiers catered for every size business — from SMB to Enterprise teams — it’s affordable for businesses with ten or 10,000 technicians. 

Salesforce FSL + Blackthorn Mobile Payments In Action

Here’s a real-life customer use case.

Axis Water, a Texas-based water filtration company, services residential, commercial, and industrial markets in over ten cities. Chief Executive Officer, Adam Joslin, says the Salesforce FSL + Blackthorn combination has completely changed their business processes for the better. 

“Blackthorn and Field Service Mobile helps us personalize our customer interactions. This truly sets us apart from our competition and helps us reach more people. It saves our team valuable time that we use to make our customers happy while keeping their information organized and safe at the same time." 

See How FSL + Blackthorn Mobile Payments Can Help Your Business Scale Today

If your business uses Salesforce Field Service Lightning Mobile and is looking to scale fast, Blackthorn Mobile Payments provides a seamless payment experience for technicians, business owners, and customers.

Watch a demo to see FSL + Blackthorn Mobile Payments in action and get started today.

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