What is Blackthorn Events?

Blackthorn Events is the highest-rated events app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

As a native app, Blackthorn Events is a powerful extension of the Salesforce platform:

  • Plan, run, and report on in-person and virtual events, large or small, using the power of Salesforce.
  • Connect your event attendees to their lead/contact records to get a holistic view of all of their interactions.
  • Uses Salesforce to automate standard event processes like invites, emails, and post-event next-steps.

How to Demo Blackthorn Events

This video will show you how to demonstrate Blackthorn Events in your SDO.

Installation Instructions

For correct results, follow the below steps in order. If you need any assistance, please email support+events@blackthorn.io

    • Step 1: Fill out the form above. This information is only used so our team can prevent your license from expiring.
    • Step 2: Install both Blackthorn Payments and Events here: https://candyshop.blackthorn.io/products
    • Step 3: Authorize the Blackthorn Events app.
    • Step 4: Deploy the sample HED Data: Install SDO Sample Data, also called “Create test records.”
    • Step 5: Voila! Higher Education Events, contacts, and accounts will populate in your org. Demo away.
    • Step 6: Use this handy documentation to view which events are available in our sample data. https://docs.blackthorn.io/docs/events-admin
    • Let us know if you have any questions at https://community.blackthorn.io/s/support.

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