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Student Admission Events: What the Professionals Should Know

Are you looking for a new way to connect with prospective students? Consider hosting an admissions event. College fairs are great opportunities to interact one-on-one with potential students, but they also require extensive planning.

After all, it’s not easy getting people interested in your school and convincing them that it has the best programs and tickets for their needs. Hosting an admissions event is a less expensive alternative to holding a college fair. You can still provide information about your institution and then offer more detailed discussions at tables after the presentation.

That being said, let’s dive into the possibilities of student admissions events.

What Is an Admitted Student Event?

You might ask, “What is the admission process?” It all comes down to an admitted student event, which is an opportunity for students to come to campus to learn more about your college academic programs, student life opportunities, and campus culture within the given admitted student days. A university representative is usually the one who organizes admitted student days, which might host him/her at the same time as a college fair, in an admissions centre, or alongside open houses.

Generally, one of the most significant differences between on-campus student days and virtual ones is accessibility. Admitted student events are ideal because they provide you with the chance to meet prospective students in person, answer any questions they might have (i.e. “What does it mean to be a prospective student?”), and give them a sense of what campus life is like. You can also encourage students to set up an appointment with your admissions office afterward (or even that same day) so you can answer more of their questions in-depth.

Virtual Admitted Student Days: Worth It?

One of the best ways for students to get a feel for your school’s atmosphere and community is by hosting an admitted student day. There are several pros and cons that involve virtual admitted student days, and many colleges and universities will bring their admitted students on campus to show them around and give them information and opportunities to interact with professors and current students via virtual admissions. Unfortunately, hosted events like these don’t come cheap. To host a successful event, you’ll need to make sure there are engaging activities. However, if you can pull it off successfully, you’ll attract some great applicants.

If you’re feeling like hosting an event will be a little too much for your department, consider stopping by some of your local high schools. High school visits give prospective students an excellent opportunity to ask questions and meet with college reps one on one. Plus, many of the seniors you’ll meet at these events are already bound for college. So if you tell them about your school now, they’ll have time to consider it for their freshman year.

Top Reasons to Attend Admitted Days

Some of the top reasons for hosting admitted student days include:

  • Show off the surrounding area. If potential students want to know what life is like outside of campus, show them via tours. You can even take them into nearby neighborhoods to see what life would be like as a student.
  • Introduce students to the area colleges. Just because you’re an admissions officer doesn’t mean you can’t help other schools promote their institution too! Have high schoolers and other college reps come over, talk to visitors about their campus, and make the best out of your experience days as an academic professional.
  • Let them know how much your school has changed. These campus tours are great for promoting modern upgrades and changes since students last visited, whether it’s a new building or program.

When Do the Admitted Student Days Usually Start in the US?

Here’s the thing. There is no official rule on when On-Campus accepted students day can start, or possibly how often conducted days should be. So you’ll find colleges and universities hosting these events during the summer, winter break, and even after students have already started their freshmen year.

The best time to host an event is during a week that makes sense for your schedule. For example, you might want to avoid hosting one on a break or holiday because then there won’t be as many people available to attend. It’s also lovely to book this type of event around any unique opportunities you might have coming up, like alumni weekend. That way, you know all of the members from your school will be available to come to hang out with prospects.

So, to answer the question, “When did college admissions start in 2022?” it’s up to you. There isn’t a set date, but you might want to aim for something mid-term or late spring – especially if you want to bring in students who will attend the following year.

2021 Fall Admissions Deadlines in the US

The deadline to register for the 2022 fall admissions in the US is typically by November 2021 or early 2022.

The fall intake of universities in the US usually begins in August/September. The admission procedure typically begins around the end of November/December of the preceding year, i.e., 2021, and concludes by July 2022. However, don’t wait until the last minute since most elite institutions examine admissions as early as January. So, if you want to secure a spot at one of these colleges, you should apply as soon as possible.

Admission Days of the Top 10 Universities in the US

Here are some admissions days at top 10 universities for freshmen intake in the US, fall 2022.

Stanford University

  • Admission day: January 5, 2022.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Admission day: Mid-March to April 1, 2022.

Columbia University

  • Admission day: June 30, 2022

Princeton University

  • Admission day: Beginning of April, 2022

California Institute of Technology

  • Admission day: January 3, 2022

Harvard University

  • Admission day: January 4, 2022

University of Pennsylvania

  • Admission day: January 3, 2022

The University of Chicago

  • Admission day: January 4, 2022

Yale University

  • Admission day: November 1, 2022

University of California, Berkeley

  • Admission day: November 1–30, 2022

When Do Students Apply for College?

According to the US Department of Education, there are two deadlines for freshman applications when to apply to college in the US. One is for the fall intake, while the other is for spring. So depending on the college application season, there are two deadlines every year following the academic calendar.

The November 1 deadline falls in mid-November each year. This is usually between November 11 and November 15 because it typically takes a few days for students’ applications to process. At the same time, the January 1 deadline falls in late January and early February, as stated by College admissions in the United States.

It would be advisable for students to apply to college as early as possible. This is because you would not want your applicants to send their application on November 1, which means spending all of their weekends and free days for the next few weeks writing essays and re-sending college applications that haven’t been processed yet.

Additionally, you’d want students to apply early because they’ll get the best financial aid package this way. In addition, colleges and universities give preferential treatment to students who apply early because they know they’re serious about their applications.

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