Blackthorn has acquired a top-rated messaging app for Salesforce.
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From managing simple recurring payments to complex subscription models like tiered or metered billing, we’ve got you covered.


Get Paid Faster

Increase your revenue, strengthen your subscriber relationships, and eliminate operational inefficiences with Blackthorn's end-to-end subscription solutions for Salesforce.
Lite Subscriptions

Lite Subscriptions

Set up simple automatic and recurring payments using payment schedules in Salesforce.
Payment Schedules

Easily create forward-looking transactions based on your preferred criteria. Automate invoicing, schedule recurring and open-ended payments, and send new card requests after transactions get declined with our reattempt logic.

120+ Payment Gateways

Blackthorn is proud to support the largest number of payment gateway integrations – over 120 – so you can offer your customers flexible payment methods from around the globe.


Give your customers peace of mind knowing their credit card and personal information is secure and protected by PCI compliant methods.

Complex Subscriptions

Complex Subscriptions via our Stripe Billing Integration

Automate advanced billing scenarios and scale.

Subscription Models

Easily update ever-changing subscription models including tiered and usage-based plans.

Seamless Reporting

Manage and view your Stripe Billing dashboard information entirely in Salesforce.


Easily handle mid-cycle upgrades and downgrades, enable automatic prorations, and keep customers happy by effortlessly supporting coupons, free trials, and add-ons. Any updates or changes made are automatically captured Salesforce.

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