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The Best Student Information Systems For You

Student information systems are a great way to manage your student population. However, with so many different types and features, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Here are the best student information systems on the market today. Each one has unique benefits that can make your job as a higher education professional much easier. So, read on to find the perfect system for your campus!

PowerSchool SIS Overview

PowerSchool is a complete student information system that helps you manage and track everything from grades and enrollment, to financial aid and attendance. With its mobile capabilities and reporting options, PowerSchool makes it easy to access any student information in seconds.

What’s Best: With PowerSchool SIS, your students can also quickly view their own personal information with the mobile app or through the web portal. This way they know exactly when their financial aid money will be available or when there is an outstanding balance on their account. It creates an open line of communication between you and your students which gives them more control over their school experience. Also included in PowerSchool are gradebooks for teachers, a library of professional development resources, learning management tools for creating courses and managing students, and integrations with popular school software.

What’s Included: Enrollment, attendance, scheduling, transcripts, financial aid, grades & assessments are all included in PowerSchool SIS. The system also has several security features to protect the confidentiality of student information. All data stored within this system is compliant with FERPA (Family Education Rights Privacy Act).

Who Can Use It: PowerSchool can be used by schools at every level – elementary through college/university – as well as government institutions.

Wisenet Overview

Wisenet’s student information system is a complete, full-featured solution that can handle all of your school or district’s needs. This platform offers efficient data management with summary reports and drill-downs to provide the performance management you need to create a positive learning environment for students. Additionally, WISENET’s mobile functionality makes real time communication possible at all times.

What’s Best: The platform allows for easy collaboration which enables teachers to monitor each other’s lesson plans, share notes on specific topics, set up collaborative projects between classes, and keep parents updated. Parents are also given access to their childrens’ grades, attendance records, schedules and online portals where they can view multimedia content created by the teacher.

Who Can Use It: Wisenet is designed for students at any level, from grade school to high school and on to college.

Gradelink was created by teachers for teachers. This student information system empowers educators to quickly access relevant data about their students, simplifies grading and provides meaningful insights into student learning.

What’s Best: With Gradelink, you’ll be able to view the progress of individual students in real time, so you can easily identify any trouble spots before they become serious learning problems. You’ll also be able to monitor each class’ performance with course analytics that keep you up-to-date on attendance, grades and discipline records instantaneously.

Who Can Use It: Gradelink is designed for K-12 schools needing an affordable solution that still offers full functionality.

Quickschools Overview

Quickschools is a complete student information system that allows users to manage their school’s enrollment, grades and attendance records. This platform also includes communication tools to help teachers easily collaborate with each other, share lesson plans and work together on projects.

What’s Best: The Quickschools mobile app ensures that every member of the faculty has access to real-time data about their classes regardless of whether or not they’re at school. Teachers can contact students through the messenger feature and all grades are automatically synced into PowerSchool for easy integration with any pre existing SIS solution in your school district. With the portal function you’ll be able to stay connected with parents and easily upload multimedia content like photos or videos directly from your phone or tablet.

Who Can Use It: Quickschools is designed for schools at any level, including colleges and universities.

MyClassCampus Overview

MyClassCampus is a student information system that also includes an e-portfolio and course management tools to streamline your curriculum and assessment processes. The platform offers flexible ways to monitor grades, attendance and student behavior as well as additional resources you can customize to fit your school’s individual needs.

What’s Best: This software has a high degree of customization with support for over 50 languages and a plethora of third-party apps that enable you to set up exactly the type of program that works for your unique community. You’ll be able to easily communicate privately with students, parents, or other faculty members via the messaging feature built right into the platform.

Who Can Use It: MyClassCampus is designed for schools at any level, from elementary all the way through college.

Workday Student Overview

Workday Student is an effective, scalable solution that includes tools to monitor student attendance, conduct teacher evaluations and manage staff assignments. The platform’s powerful communication capabilities allow teachers to share lessons plans, collaborate with peers and send secure messages to parents regarding their childrens’ progress.

What’s Best: This software provides schools with the ability to set up customizable dashboards so you can keep track of your school’s performance statistics easily. You’ll also receive automated alerts whenever any serious attendance or behavior problems arise, giving you the opportunity to intervene early before things get worse for your students.

Who Can Use It: Workday Student is designed for K-12 schools nationwide who need a complete SIS solution that offers powerful communication features along with robust analytical capabilities.

Alma SIS Overview

Alma SIS is a student information system designed to provide schools with the tools necessary for effective communication and data analysis. This platform enables educators to create lessons plans, collaborate with their peers and assists parents in understanding how their children are progressing.

What’s Best: Alma SIS offers an easy-to-use messaging tool that allows teachers to communicate with students, parents and other faculty members privately, all from within your school’s main portal. You’ll also be able to use the comprehensive analytics feature for up-to-date reports on attendance and academic performance, as well as view detailed daily schedules for each of your classes.

Who Can Use It: Alma SIS was built for K-12 schools looking for a technology solution designed specifically for schools, including cyber schools or schools that are completely online.

Oracle Higher Education Cloud Overview

SAS Cloud for Education is a comprehensive student information system used by schools all over the world. For years, SAS has been providing educational institutions with powerful analytics tools that enable educators to better understand their students’ abilities and weaknesses. The platform’s mobile functionality allows teachers to make logins easier for their students, check grades on the fly or even view detailed reports right from their tablets or smartphones.

What’s Best: Since this system was built specifically for schools it offers an intuitive interface that makes learning easy for both students and parents alike, regardless of how tech savvy they are. It also provides high levels of customization so you can quickly configure your software exactly the way you want to use it, freeing up valuable time that you could be spending elsewhere instead.

Who Can Use It: SAS Cloud for Education is designed for K-12 schools who are looking for an SIS solution that’s easy to use, offers more flexibility and customizable features than most other platforms.

Orah Overview

Orah 4i is a complete platform for modern schools that includes customizable features, tools to simplify lesson planning and give parents the ability to stay up-to-date on their children’s progress without ever setting foot in the school.

What’s Best: Orah allows teachers to communicate with students using its built-in messaging tool which can be securely used from any mobile device or computer. This software also provides an easy-to-use interface that incorporates essential information into one central hub, cutting down on time wasted searching through multiple submenus.

Who Can Use It: Designed for K12 schools, this SIS solution is ideal for cyber schools or those that conduct blended learning because it easily integrates with other leading education technologies such as Moodle and Google Classroom.

Aeries SIS Overview

Aeries is an award-winning student information system that’s used by thousands of schools worldwide. Focused on usability, Aeries offers powerful tools that are simple to use and administers the right kind of support students need to succeed in school, where and when they need it most.

What’s Best: This platform provides personalized learning paths for each student, giving educators insight into how their students are performing at all times. From there teachers can identify areas or concepts that might be difficult for certain kids and quickly make adjustments before important exams or tests. Additionally, the tool allows easy communication between parents and teachers through its messaging feature which also allows them to stay on top of upcoming events like parent-teacher conferences.

Who Can Use It: Aeries is a great choice for schools who need a mobile-friendly SIS that provides real-time analytics and messaging between all parties.

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