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Top 7 College Student Recruitment Software

Student recruitment software is a must for college and university recruiters. This kind of software helps manage applications, automate student enrollment, and even coordinate admissions for grants and scholarships – making your life a lot simpler and easier to manage! 

In fact, with the right kind of software, you can also provide an excellent first impression of your institution. Students who find it easy to navigate your admissions process and enroll in courses will be encouraged to return to your application portal, helping you increase recruitment rates. This is critical in an age where higher education institutions are always competing neck-to-neck for the best students. 

The software that you choose should depend on the needs of your institution; in fact, some schools may have different application files for different training courses that have specific recruitment requirements. The application process needs to be both robust and flexible to respond to the growing number of diverse applications.

How to Recruit Students

To promote course applications and registrations, it is absolutely necessary to have a strategy in place. And since so much of the world has moved online, your recruitment strategy should include a digital marketing plan.

Establish Candidate Personas

To bring students to you, it is essential and imperative to know what types of profiles you want to target. No strategy can be built if a target has not been defined beforehand. 

Create an Effective Conversion Funnel

A conversion funnel is simply the journey a person takes from being a stranger who knows nothing about your school to the time that person becomes a student and starts referring your school to their family and friends, helping to raise the overall visibility and reputation of your school.

Produce Content for Each Stage of the Funnel

A content strategy is key to bringing students to you and guiding them through the conversion funnel to the application at your school or center. 

Establish an SEO Strategy

Once your content has been created, your content must be easily searchable. To do this, you must position yourself on the keywords and queries used by your personas. For this, there are various tools.

You must then optimize your content so that it is correctly referenced on search engines.

Be Present on Social Networks

Social networks give you the opportunity to be closer to your audience and better communicate with them. Being on social media also allows you to be present and visible on different communication channels and thus be better referenced. So make sure you’re participating in the conversations on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook! 

Establish a Personal Relationship with Students

Today, consumers like to feel privileged and have a personalized relationship with the company. This logic also applies to students with their school. There must be a human relationship between the two. This is very important for a student, especially when he is about to choose an establishment in which he will spend several months, even several years.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best college recruitment software available today. 

The Best Student Recruitment Software


The Ellucian Banner administration software system is for the administration of student, human resources, and finance information. Banner as a secure software system supports the full range of functions required for students, financial aid, finance, and human resources administration. This includes enrollment, counseling, admissions, recruiting, housing, accounts receivable, planning, payroll, employee personnel records tracking, and ministry budget and expenditure tracking including the creation of purchase orders, invoices, institutional joint ventures, and reports indicating these transactions.

Here are the main advantages of this software package:

  1. Accounting
  2. Content management 
  3. Customer relationship management
  4. Human resources
  5. Inventory management
  6. Marketing and sales
  7. Reports and analyzes
  8. Planning
  9. Workflow management

Here are some of the main functionalities and attributes of this software:

  1. Online assistance (forum, tutorials, etc.)
  2. Technical support (telephone, email, chat, etc.)
  3. Ellucian Banner is adapted to the needs of companies: ETI software, Large account software, SME software, TPE software …
  4. This application is recommended for businesses:
  5. Integrations & APIs (Ellucian Banner offers APIs to integrate with other computer applications)
  6. Compatibility and configuration

A software in SaaS mode, Ellucian Banner is therefore compatible with most business information systems as well as with most operating systems (OS) such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux because it is accessible from a browser web (Chrome, Firefox…). This software is also accessible from mobiles like iPhone tablets, smartphones like iOS platform or Android, and undoubtedly has a mobile application available on the Play Store / App Store. To use it, you have to ensure you have a strong connection with the internet and an up-to-date browser.


VidCruiter helps to save time in finding the best candidates and adding value to your bottom line. VidCruiter’s solutions features include an intuitive and easy-to-use pre-recorded video interview system, a live video interview system that records interviews, an attached rating scale for both the live and pre-recorded interview sessions, automated scheduling systems, and in addition, you can try out automated reference checking software.

The system arranges submitted information by each rater and figures out a candidate’s score in real-time. All VidCruiter products emphasize your company’s branding and this allows you to present a professional look.

Who Uses VidCruiter?

Organizations that do not have an Applicant Tracking System or that wish to change it. Organizations looking for video interview software. Organizations looking for reference checking software.


Rakuna as a recruiting software helps recruiters with engaging prospective candidates at recruitment events that are hosted offline like job fairs, networking events, and others. It boosts your team’s effectiveness and efficiency by getting rid of manual processes that include collecting resumes, data inputting, email follow-ups, or handling a queue of waiting candidates.

As a user of this software, you can expect features such as:

  1. Evaluating candidates in real-time with customizable evaluation forms
  2. Easy tracking of your event’s ROI
  3. Rating and processing of your candidates anywhere with online and offline support
  4. Enabling visitors to check in your event on their own
  5. Eradication of manual data entry as a result of the innovation of the resume snapshot technology

These features help enhance your recruitment efforts. Rakuna is also very user-friendly as it requires no user training to navigate, thanks to its intuitive design.

Paradox AI

Paradox succeeds in bringing top-notch human relations technology to the field of college recruitment by adding a core feature of artificial intelligence implementation. The paradox AI is dubbed Olivia and can engage in various automated actions like:

  1. Conducting real-time conversations on the web, via SMS, or on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook
  2. Running virtual events such as registering visitors by just talking to them and conducting personalized virtual handshakes.

This platform is also able to engage over thirty-six languages daily.


This platform, formerly known as Campus Job, helps college students or fresh graduates and employers connect. Its features speed up the process of job application by utilizing filters for job listings, enabling only those who meet the requirements for the job to view and apply for it. Students are also made to feel more confident while sending in their resumes since they’re aware that they can only be informed of job postings when they are qualified, at least to an extent.


Yello helps in meeting early recruitment needs with the help of a centralized platform that enables recruiters to collaborate to attract top talent candidates in various fields. It also allows for automated interviews to be scheduled by employers.


This platform evaluates candidates by providing a series of tests ranging from problem-solving abilities to branded tests for multiple skills. Recruiters are allowed to either create their tests or use the ones available on the platform, invite candidates to take these tests, and eventually sort out and filter results, shortlisting only their top candidates.

This testing feature builds the recruiter’s confidence in the candidates as they are convinced that they are very much competent, capable, and well-equipped. 


With the number of recruitment software available, it may be difficult to know which software would be best for your school – but identifying your school’s needs and pain points can help decide on the right software to invest in, and will enable you quickly and easily manage student applications and enrollment in the future. 

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