Top Event Tracking Tools for Your Event

Event tracking involves web tracking via your web pages on your website. It involves Google Analytics, software, your customers, their computer or smartphone or mobile app, consumer behaviour, and interactivity between all these. It may involve real-time computing, hyperlinks, conversion funnels, reports based on the data collected (data aggregation) and bounce rates, payment to your company for your retail goods, user experience of your brand, and either engagement marketing, targeted advertising, personalization, call to action (marketing), or conversion marketing.

The whole purpose of these event tracking tools is not just for sales but tracking of user behavior analytics – what the user story is during the time they are on your website. It’s useful for getting to know your audience (population) and using successful event navigation strategies to alter your behavior during the event for the best possible result.

12 of the Best Event Tracking Tools

Event tracking tools can follow different aspects of the event process. It’s important to write down a list of what you need before engaging an event tracking tutorial and product demonstration. Read through these tools and see if any of their goals match yours. 

Compliance-Minded Event Tracking Tools

Since all the GDPR regulations came in a few years ago, and then the California Regulations as well (if you offer more than 136 impressions to California residents in one day, you are stuck following these regulations), the whole internet experience has changed. Now there are regulations and recommendations and if you don’t comply, you risk fines that can eat up your event profits quickly.

With this in mind, these three event tracking tools are probably among the best:

  1. Piwik Pro Analytics Suite – This one is one to pay attention to because you may have to pay attention to GDPR compliance if you are targeting people from the EU. They guarantee 100% data control and compliance, ePrivacy and other privacy regulations are followed from other parts of the globe.
  2. Whova Software is big on compliance as well, but your online registration form will comply with the DSS, payment card, and use a secure payment processor and easy convenient customization ticketing (or order) on a web page.
  3. Brushfire is primarily for churches and ministries with online event registration and ticketing. There are lots of customization options with this one – and they are also concerned about compliance.

Specific Businesses

  1. DonorPerfect – Created with nonprofit organizations in mind, this one includes online fundraising platforms that allow you to track and manage all the data for fundraising. It also helps you communicate your campaigns for e-commerce, such as getting the information out to your audience via email, smartphone or other mobile device, analysis of user behavior analytics, and more – all in the voice of the customer that they want to hear.
  2. Fonteva – This event management software system is made for very large events and trade fairs, and especially ones that have international trade guests. Imagine having 100 options for payment and letting the software do all the currency conversions for you. You can also use streaming media to set up contests, and use other interactive media for forums, product demonstration, and more. Don’t worry about the bit rate with this one; they have you covered. Just get all your promotional merchandise ready to go.
  3. rsvpBOOK is for those businesses that are offering learning through classes and workshops, even for licensure. It handles ticket links, payment, event check-ins, and gives your business department the data analysis reports they are looking for with purchasing, numbers, market segmentation, and market research that makes them salivate. If you’re an art academy or a specialized reading program (even one leading to a Master of Education), you might want to check out their pricing, do a little point and click on their product demonstration, and ask about multichannel marketing.

Six Additional Ones

  1. Tripleseat – This one is made for unique event venues, primarily for restaurants, hotels and venues. It helps you capture event leads, convert those leads to bookings by conversion marketing tactics and interfacing with blog, social media, and more. This one, like some of the others, helps you increase event sales and create improvement of your results. You can do problem-solving in real time with it.
  2. Member Solutions – This software was constructed primarily for membership registrations, such as what happens in a gym. However, it also features event planning by allowing you to create form (html) for signups, sign waivers for liability, and create other forms (html) you need for your business.
  3. Eventleaf – This software is designed for Windows. It features Onsite Registration, Badge Management, Class Registration, Self Chek-in and is good for agencies and businesses just starting up.
  4. Eventdex – This is a whole variety of event management applications for online registration, check-in to attendee engagement (onsite), real-time reporting, feedback management, and business networking.
  5. Avochato sounds a bit like avocado! It’s one of the only useful event management software or computer platforms for real-time event schedule changes (any type of update whatsoever) that your customers need to know about. You can text them what is going on and send them reminders both before, during and after the events, maybe even with some call to action ( marketing ) for some of your promotional merchandise.
  6. Trello – You are probably already familiar with this online application that event planners love. It’s a great project management tool that lists all the tasks and who needs to be completing them at a quick glance. You’ll be able to mark tasks done or flag them as important to get done along the way.

Do your homework! But know this – it’s actually fun ‘homework’ to do!

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