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Axis Water: Better Technology. Better Water. 

July 1, 2019

Better Technology. Better Water. 

Axis Water Technologies Makes a Splash in the Water Filtration Industry 


Do you have a glass of water near you? Take a sip. Really embrace the taste. Think about the quality. Has it been filtered? Do you know? 

For a minute there, you thought about the quality of your water, maybe for the first time. Not just the taste, but also the health of the water you are putting into your body (something you probably don't often do). For Axis Water Technologies, protecting your home or business from harmful water impurities is the driving force behind their passion for sustainable water filtration. 

From Humble Beginnings

Adam Joslin, chief executive officer of Axis Water Technologies, took over the business to carry on his father's legacy, who started Axis over 30 years ago. "Growth and expansion wasn't the thought when my dad started out. He was just looking to make ends meet. I don’t think he ever imagined it would grow into what Axis is today," said Adam. 

What started as a small town business for local homes has grown into a company that services the residential, commercial, and industrial markets in over 10 cities. What really sets Axis Water Technologies apart from other water treatment services is their ability to serve multiple locations under one roof. This enables Axis to provide a high level of customer service that other providers can't match. In this industry, customers will often have to work through several different departments per location to get the service they need. Forced to jump through all these layers of process, customers become quite frustrated. 

“At Axis, you work with one rep. When you need an answer, we’ll respond fast. When you need someone on-site, we are there. Our structure to interact with customers is how we are truly different and how we will grow to reach more people,” said Adam.

A Faster Way to Grow 

As Axis kept expanding, Adam found himself at a crossroads - keep climbing the growth ladder with the same technology or move onto the next phase. A decision that may seem simple, but isn’t easy. Change is hard, but Adam knew it was time to tackle it head-on for the betterment of his company. 

After choosing to use Salesforce to manage and better relationships with his customers, Adam realized QuickBooks wasn’t cutting it anymore. He needed an advanced, cloud-based accounting solution that integrated with Salesforce.  Adam discovered through an implementation partner an advanced financial app solution called Accounting Seed. 

“When we decided we needed to move from QuickBooks, Salesforce recommended Accounting Seed, and we are very happy that we decided to move forward. I love the technology.”

Accounting Seed solved Axis accounting, billing, and reporting needs, but his team had a few unique issues with payment processing that needed streamlining. There were multiple tedious steps associated with cash receipts and billing records, and he wanted to be able to connect payment data to the customer in Salesforce while still keeping that data secure. That’s when he found Blackthorn Mobile Payments.

“Similar to our discovery of Accounting Seed, our implementation partner recommended, mainly because of how well it works with and connects to Accounting Seed,” said Adam. 

Blackthorn, a Salesforce-native application, enables easy payment processing by allowing businesses to accept credit card and ACH payments via phone, card reader, API, and self-customer checkout via PayPal. has a built-in integration to Accounting Seed, leveraging the native connection that eliminates sync issues. 

“Blackthorn is making life easier for us behind-the-scenes. The Mobile Payments app automates a lot of our processes and keeps all data in the Salesforce platform, which lets us spend more time with current and potential customers,” said Adam.

It’s not just Blackthorn and Accounting Seed that has made life easier for Axis - their seamless connection to other key applications like Field Service Lightning, CPQ & Billing provide a full business solution. Axis can now run their day to day without the worry of previous issues.

"The combination of Accounting, Blackthorn and other Salesforce apps is a powerful combination," said Tony Zorc, founder, and chief executive officer at Accounting Seed. "Companies that take advantage of this partnership will have the power to streamline their business in a transformative way, and we are thrilled to be working with Blackthorn."

Never Forget Where You Came From

As Axis continues to grow, stepping into advanced technology to run their operations is only one piece of the puzzle. Keeping its legacy at the core is essential to maintaining responsible growth, remembering where it all started, and providing that personal touch. 

“Getting better as we grow is more important to us than the growth itself,” said Adam. “It's the legacy that keeps me passionate -  I’ll never forget that.”

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