Tony Robbins: Scaling payment processing effectively in a global marketplace

November 14, 2019

How the company behind the aspiring life coach, Tony Robbins, modernized their payment processes, allowing more people to be changed personally and professionally by his powerful messages.

About Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is the nation's top life and business strategist. His global seminars and products inspire individuals to live a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate, and purposeful life – through business, relationships, and self-discovery. Tony Robbins' live events, one-on-one coaching program, training systems, and group workshops help close the gap between where individuals are and where they desire to be.

Tony Robbins Before Blackthorn

Robbins Research International is the company supporting Tony and his efforts. From seminars to nutrition supplements, people from all over the globe are listening and buying the tools that help them take actionable steps to a better life. You can imagine how many purchase them through e-commerce, at events, and other revenue channels. These transactions were occurring through multiple gateways, and in currencies from all over the globe. When Robbins implemented Salesforce, a credit card processor was created internally because a native processor was not available. Although it was a solution to taking payments, it left the team with fragmented processes. Also, essential data was living outside of their Salesforce org, unrelated to the customer's Salesforce records. 

Why Tony Robbins Chose Blackthorn 

Tony Robbins leveraged Blackthorn Payments, in conjunction with Stripe, to tie each customer's transactions directly to their Salesforce record. Credit card information is tokenized through Stripe, making all data PCI-Compliant.

Blackthorn and Stripe together are a powerful combination. Before, we had multiple revenue streams all connected to different payment gateways and no central place to view our metrics. Now we can use Salesforce to process PCI-Compliant payments and connect all of our transactions directly to the customer.

—Josh Gettman, Director of Operation, Robbins Research Institute

Tony Robbins Success

Important data, from overall channel revenue to a single customer's purchase of a nutrition supplement, can be viewed and managed without leaving Salesforce. A few other key benefits:

  • Decreased developer dependency.
  • Reduced multiple payment gateways to just one (Stripe).
  • Keep functionality in place for reps to take PCI-compliant payments (MOTO) over the phone for products and services, avoiding nexus in other countries with all funds reconciling to USD.
  • Have a single payment management system for event ticketing using Blackthorn Events.
  • Introduced payment schedules for large-scale speaking engagements.
  • They were previously working through a slew of legacy providers with poor reporting. Because Blackthorn is 100% native, payment data can be viewed holistically or drilled down to a specific customer. 

Tony Robbins became more efficient, helping them reach their goals faster, at no additional cost to their company.

Blackthorn Apps & Features Used:

  • Blackthorn Payments
  • Blackthorn's Reattempt + Paylink features auto-fires an email template to the customers' email address with a link to update their card.
  • Blackthorn Stripe Billing
  • Payment schedules for large-scale speaking engagements.
  • Blackthorn Events
  • Robbins team using Blackthorn | Events (events management app) to manage event tickets

We explored several integrated Event Management systems before deciding on Blackthorn Events. We've taken a portion of our business with low analytic oversight, and in a manner of weeks, implemented a system that supports our clients and team. Key to that success is the ability to use core Salesforce customization features with the product! We’ve automated emails, reminders, follow-ups, and sales engagements all based on the data as clients register, cancel, attend, and buy. The event check-in app is so simple even our sales staff has never requested specialized training (a first for us). And the support from the team is impeccable. They're highly responsive, helpful to a fault, fun, and just great business partners. You will not find a better team to have on your side.

—Josh Gettman, Director of Operation, Robbins Research Institute

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