Use of Lanyards for Event Attendees

You may think of lanyards as something that simply holds ID cards around your neck, but it is much more than that. Lanyards are versatile and can help attendees of conferences in so many ways. Although your guests may prefer custom or branded lanyards, they do not need to be an expensive purchase. 

First off, what are lanyards used for, and how does a lanyard ID holder double as a lanyard badge holder? There is a lot of what to think about when creating lanyards for conferences and events. It is good to look into how lanyards help you manage an event better. For example, 

  • Lanyards make your event staff more visible         
  • Printing special codes or text on lanyards for easy registration 
  • VIP tickets can be issued special lanyards
  • Color-coded lanyards can be your audience classifier
  • Including the ticket or control number on the lanyard itself for easy attendee amnagement
  • Using lanyards to continuously promote your brand     

Another option is using lanyards to manage access levels. This might include choosing colors such as red for visitors and exhibitors, blue for assistants, yellow for technical staff (catering suppliers, entertainment staff, and sound engineers), and green for speakers. The best choice is to examine all of your options before you begin promoting the event and look into custom lanyards. 

Lanyards for Events

Using event lanyards is a great option if you have businesses that want to sponsor the venue or the event in general. Choosing the type of lanyard for a conference is also important. This should match both the signage, which can be handled with the printing company, prior to the conference. 

The event lanyards should come along with event lanyard badge holders and should provide comfort to the person wearing them. You may also consider having the event management phone number on the conference badge holders or trade show badge holders, in case problems arise.

Once you have decided you want to use lanyards for events, you may wonder, what kinds of details can I include on badges? 

Types of Lanyards

There are many different types of lanyards that you can choose for your branded lanyards. For example, there are custom printed lanyards, blank sublimation lanyards, sublimated lanyards promoting a brand, custom lanyards with ID, polyester lanyards, and even red-colored lanyards for social distancing. The type of lanyard you choose means deciding which information you want to include for businesses. It will also depend on the type of lanyard you think your participants prefers. One tip we have is to create or order lanyards made from recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible.

How Badge and Lanyard Printing Works

  • Printing On-Site Vs. Pre-Printing: One important decision you will need to make with your lanyards and badges if you wish to print them on-site or pre-print them. However, you do not need to necessarily choose. Like many other small events, you can choose to only pre-print badges. On the other hand, very large events commonly wish to print on-site. It is good to note that pre-printing badges are the cheaper option because it helps to avoid the need for more equipment and staffing. 
  • Premium Vs. Economy Badges: Typically you will also have two badge options, premium, and economy. These are industry standards in terms of size, material, and form, but the premium is normally a hard plastic badge, and the economy is a thick card stock badge. Otherwise, they appear the same. 
  • Premium Vs. Economy Lanyards: When choosing your badges, you will also need to choose a lanyard. There are also two industry-standard lanyard options. The first option is a Premium Custom Lanyard. This is usually in full color, and in a custom design. The second option is an Economy Custom Lanyard. It allows you to choose your colors and a single white graphic. This would repeat along the entire length of the lanyard. 
  • What Is the On-Site Process Like?: If you are planning on having an on-site support team, then you should have an easy time because it is not as daunting as it sounds. What is important to note is that 8 weeks before your event, you need to confirm your staff. Be sure to know your requirements, and place your order. This is also why you need an event list of attendees. The day before your event, confirm that you have all the necessary equipment based on what you purchased. Then begin the setup, and ensure you have an on-site support staff.  

Getting Ready for Your Event with Lanyards

When it comes to an event, it is necessary to send your gifts home with goody bags. You can even choose to have a vendor sponsor the event, and you can showcase them on your website. By combining this gift bag with the lanyard, you can provide attendees a lot to go home with, and remember your event to return for next year.

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