Virtual Event Management

Run successful, relevant webinars and live streams by connecting events and attendees to Salesforce.

Manage all aspects of your online and in-person events entirely in Salesforce.

You’re using online streaming apps to share information with prospects and customers. But you can’t see the webinars or live-streams they’ve registered for, or attended in Salesforce, making it difficult to have smart, relevant conversations with them. Importing attendee data takes time and often produces duplicates. Limited Salesforce integrations only pull basic information. Blackthorn’s Virtual Events helps you save time and connect the right people to relevant information.

Manage All Aspects of Virtual Events

No Need for Data Imports/Exports

Bypass Zoom and other online conferencing registration forms and use Blackthorn’s customizable forms to log registrant information automatically into Salesforce. Mark participants automatically as attended when they join the Zoom call.

Meet Every Person in Attendance

A unique, auto-generated Attendee Link is created for each registrant to prevent hacking and link-sharing, so you'll always know who is joining.

Auto-Updated Attended Status

Once the attendee views the video, their event status in Salesforce updates to “attended.” You can also enable the status to update to registered and invited.

Promote, Invite, Confirm and Remind

Drive attendance by sending pre-created email templates directly out of Salesforce, or sync with Marketing Cloud, Pardot and other marketing automation solutions.

Powerful, Holistic Event Reporting

Use Salesforce’s powerful reporting to show important insights and the success and of your online events, directly related to your leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities.

Answer Questions and Gather Insights Live

Use features provided by your conferencing tool like Q&A and Polling to answer questions and gather important feedback during live webinars and meetings.


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Use leading web conference and broadcasting tools like Zoom, GoToWebinar, and WebEx to stream events or host webinars and meetings.

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Senior Associate, Data Strategy & Integration

“The app allows for a lot of customization – a feature that we greatly appreciate as we host a lot of events throughout the year. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate that Blackthorn moved quickly to integrate their platform with video conferencing tools like Zoom and Go2Webinar. Overall, I highly recommend!”

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We work with Salesforce Implementation and AppExchange solutions to help businesses succeed. Does your customer have questions about events or payments? Want to find out more about our partnership program? We're here to help.

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