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What Is Career Advising Software?

Career development is something that occurs over an entire lifetime. This is something that higher education staff should emphasize to students. In fact, this is why you have career counsellors and career development in schools – to help students think about, assess, and plan next steps for their career. 

In addition to career counsellors and career development centers, there’s also career advising software that can aid in career evaluation or help students find internships. 

What Is Career Counseling?

Career counselors or advisors help students figure out the steps they can take post-college. They assist students in discovering what they want out of their education, their career, and generally their life. They might provide advice or recommendations based on the student’s personality and are there to listen to students talk about their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and concerns. Career counseling service for students is the right place to go for any student considering a career change. A counselor can guide students in making sense of their thoughts and feelings for professional development. 

There are many different types of career counseling and career counseling techniques. In today’s technological age, there’s also career counseling or advising software. These software platforms help counselors identify the factors that influence the development of a student’s career based on the student’s values. These platforms aid career counselors in locating resources and sources of career information as well as determining the next steps in a student’s career development plan.

List of Career Advising Software

There are many different types of career advising software. These are often used for internships or academic programs. These platforms have gone through a lot of research by education staff to support them in being useful. Education professionals use these software platforms to track a student’s academic performance, goals progression, and pursuits and identify areas in which the student can improve. These platforms can analyze a student’s performance to personalize and provide best-fit scenarios for the student’s future career or education plans.

Some of the common career advising software include the following:

  • Salesforce
  • Workday student
  • ConexED
  • Elllucian Colleague Student
  • Skyward Student Management Suite

Features of Career Advising Software

Integrating career and academic advising is a concept demonstrated in career advising software. Many graduate programs and degrees utilize these resources for a job search, scholarship planning for university, and beyond. Career advising is not a new topic, just an under-explained one. There are a few things that students and higher education professionals should understand:

Definition of Career Advising

Someone once said that to understand the “how” of integrating career advising in academic advising, we must first understand the data and how to define career advising. Career advising is an interactive process that helps students understand how they can translate their personal interests into a true career. Students could explore roles in healthcare in the summer or take on writing courses in the spring. Students should be allowed to explore their interests.

Impact of Integrating Career and Academic Advising on Students

There are a number of reasons to integrate career and academic advising, but supporting students is the most important. Many students often are not able to describe their skills, which leads to the following aspects of career planning:

  • Exploration of life goals
  • Exploration of vocational goals
  • Selection of academic program
  • Selection of courses
  • Scheduling courses

Specific Actions a Career Advisor Can Do to Facilitate Change

For advisors who want to integrate advising in academic advising sessions, there are many steps to take in order to get there. There are actually connections between career and academic advising, which makes it possible to design a lesson plan around it.

The next part of the process is to identify those elements where more competencies are needed. If the resources can enhance the areas of expertise, then this is where the resources are needed. When staff work together, it can make the success of the students much greater. Other resources can also be used to develop a specific plan for each student. Only then, can they work to find someone to recruit the students. Whether that be to work on an app, on a brand, or as the director of Google, they are all created equal.

Resources on Integrating Career and Academic Advising

The first step an advising administrator can take to help facilitate integration is to meet with advisors and work on a few different issues.

Why integrate career and academic advising:

  • Expectations of the advisors
  • Timeline for this integration
  • Resources available to support the integration
  • Feelings advisors may be experiencing due to working with students

Most of the time there may be a bit of anxiety, but the main director should help to soothe this. After understanding the issues and solving them, they should feel more comfortable handling the anxieties of the students.

Role of a Career Services Advisor

What is a career services advisor or counselor? It is someone who takes on the role of helping students transition post-university to graduate education, a new education program, or employment. Do you need a degree to be a career advisor? It is generally a teacher or lecturer who has worked in a college previously and has experiential training. Career services advisors often provide students with assistance in networking, applying for graduation courses, geting a job, and speaking to potential employers. 

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