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What Is Faculty Management Software?

Faculty management is often overlooked in the digital transition of education. Through the coronavirus pandemic, it has been difficult for educators to find affordable options in a format of ease. Educators must find access to free services and tools to help them plan college courses. One better solution to this is to use programs that automate unnecessary tasks for educators, increase accuracy, and offer training programs to make life easier.

Rather than learn platform features, while balancing lesson preparations and class management, using faculty management software to support their work can improve faculty experience tremendously. From medical school to standard education systems, these programs are offering help and improving performance.

What Is Faculty Management Software?

Faculty management system software is technologically advanced and highly secure software to manage a faculty database, attendance, payroll, and hiring processes. There are various features within these tools, including the ability to store large amounts of data.

When it comes to managing administrators and the processes of higher education, it is essential to have a bit of help in the form of a platform. These resources can provide a solution through software and academic workflows. Faculty workload software will not only aid in the hiring process, but this software can also be a tool for reporting and automating access to onboarding. 

Features and Advantages of Faculty Management Software

  • The ability to create and export reports
  • Payroll and attendance integration
  • Pay slip management
  • Easy data access
  • Timetable/schedule management
  • Recruitment management
  • Reliable Cloud-based application
  • Appraisal management

Benefits of Faculty Management Software

Generally, the benefits of faculty management software are significant enough to greatly ease the jobs of faculty and administrators. It provides an eagle’s eye view for the administrator and improves accessibility, while improving connectivity and engagement through a paperless system. Other benefits include:

  • Faculty Hiring: Because the demand for new teachers and educators has grown recently, it is essential to change the landscape of education. Selecting candidates during a pandemic is hard, but hiring faculty hiring through software can be easy. Not only does this typically reduce the cost of time and money, it also frees up your administrator’s schedule, allowing them to work on other things.
  • Profiling: From the perspective of the schools, having faculty and admin profiles digitally allows data to be easily stored and retrieved. Most of this data relates to education, work experience, certifications, and compulsory training. Payroll information can also be included and added for each faculty member to increase efficiency and ease of operations. 
  • Course Scheduling: Faculty management systems tend to aid in administrative functions such as course scheduling and reports. Student engagement, schedules, and timetables can be viewed along with necessary teaching materials. The faculty can then choose to accept or decline based on revisions in their schedule. This enables better delivery of the actual course material.
  • Training and Certifications: Using good faculty management software means that heightened transparency and compliance is possible. It includes platform training, which means the software will be executed in a manner with ease.
  • Student Management: With student data entered into the system, insights on the learning patterns of students can be easily found and used by the educator. 
  • Streamlined Processes: With both a predictable and smooth workflow, it allows faculty members to use their time better. This allows for better time management and less waste of time on the educator’s side. Reduced repetitive tasks equal less work for the educator on administrative tasks. Rather, it allows them to focus more on the learning side of things.

Features of Faculty Management Software

There are many features of faculty management software that can aid in the promotion of an education system. It helps a team keep things on track and maintain a contract. It can also provide insights into how to make the whole operation work better. Other features include:

  • Ability to make changes to the information in real-time
  • Transparent communication across different teams and departments, bridging the gap between staff and faculty
  • Faculty workload management
  • Report generation to support accreditation
  • Seamless data migration capabilities
  • Regularly updated information to support faculty evaluations
  • Higher student engagement
  • Improvement in student success

List of Faculty Management Software


Deskera faculty management software maintains comprehensive faculty information, including qualifications and skillsets. Faculty suitability for courses is intelligently identified and suggested based on course requirements and faculty qualifications. Optimize work allocation to faculty and staff based on job type, or for a specific occupation, and present time schedules of each staff member without conflicts. Customize teaching periods and assign classes to specific staff.

Creatrix Campus

As an integrated faculty-first solution, it supports every step of the faculty lifecycle, from on-boarding, appointing, monitoring, workload management, performance tracking, to evaluation and promotion.


This software provides faculty of higher education with help to drive teaching, research, inclusion, and innovation, It is a modern platform that prioritizes the faculty experience.

Hyland Software

With secure access to complete information, as well as more meaningful interactions with customers, this software provides intelligent automation to be able to anticipate needs. It also provides agile adaptivity to manage the needs and customer demands at speed, along with expertly tailored solutions.


Designed to optimize faculty’s day-to-day functioning in universities and schools. The platform is designed to provide students with personalized attention while providing educators with a full view of the student’s progress.

Choosing a Faculty Management Software

Ultimately, it is important to choose a faculty management software that meets your school’s needs. Creatrix Campus and Deskera are both popular platforms in higher education institutions, thanks to their easy-to-use interface and intuitive management system, but this doesn’t make them your only choices. Interfolio, Hyland Software and Ken42 are also excellent options thanks to their security and automation. If needed, ask for a demo or take a free trial, so you can best assess which software is most suited to your institution. 

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