What’s the Difference? Comparing Event Apps

An event app is an event app, right? Wrong. So, what’s the difference? Turns out that when you’re comparing Blackthorn Events to some of our competitors…there’s actually quite a lot. We asked ourselves, “Why Blackthorn?” so you don’t have to.

Comparison of Blackthorn, Fonteva, Cvent, and Eventbrite

A Salesforce Native Application: Since Blackthorn Events is built within Salesforce, you don’t have to worry about any messy or problematic integrations.

Highest-Rated Events App on the Salesforce AppExchange: We’re grateful for the over 200 5-star reviews…a true testament to the immense value we bring our customers.

Show Immediate ROI of Events: Live events means decisions sometimes have to be made on the fly. We provide you with real-time data to make those real-time decisions (plus it always helps when you’re able to immediately show the C-suite how things are going.)

Advanced Duplicate Logic: Connect your contacts and attendees for the ultimate visibility.

Easily Clone Events and Set Recurring Events: Who likes duplicate work with inefficient processes? Yeah, us either. Easily clone and set recurring events with the Blackthorn Events app.

Faster Implementation Timelines: You need what you need, and you need it now…not later. We can get you up and running in weeks versus months.

Easily Scalable and Predictable Pricing: There are no surprises with our predictable pricing, and we can easily scale as your business or needs grow.

Over 120 Payment Gateways: We have more ways to pay for paid events and donations with over 120 payment gateways.

Free Trial: Who doesn’t love the word “free”? We let you try before you buy.

A Robust, Dedicated Team: When we say we’re focused on producing the best-in-class event management app for Salesforce users, we mean it. We have over 10 product and development team professionals dedicated solely to Blackthorn Events.

Commitment to Climate Change: At, we care…about each other, our products, our customers, and our world. We’re proud to contribute a portion of our revenue to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

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