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Are you Compliant?

Gain confidence for your Annual Assessments and Attestations. Assure your C-Suite and Investors.
With Blackthorn Compliance, you can ensure no sensitive data slips through the cracks.

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"I'd recommend this app to any company who would want their Salesforce orgs to become 100% PCI Compliant. The team responds very quickly and is helpful - they will answer any questions you have. This app is very straight forward and is easy to understand how everything works."

Senior Salesforce Admin
Expedia Group
"We were able to achieve PCI Compliance for our Service Cloud instance as soon as PCIFY was installed and configured, which only took minutes. Installing this App was super easy. Pricing is very fair. The team is very responsive and proactively reaches out to provide any assistance."

VP of Technology
"You need to install this app today. We looked at several options for dealing with potential credit card issues in our org, and this one was the clear winner. Simple and logical setup, this is an app that just makes sense, we were up and running immediately on install."

Senior Systems Admin
National Fire Prevention Association

Built for you

Regain Control

Don't risk your organization's compliance and certification to human error. Even with training and reminders, staff and customers will eventually make mistakes. Customers will send sensitive data through chat, e-mail, or as an attachment and someone will neglect to delete or encrypt it. With Blackthorn Compliance, your users don't have to be perfect.

Avoid Costly Fines

Having noncompliant data can get very expensive very quickly, especially if a violation goes unnoticed for an extended period of time. Payment processors charge per customer at increasing rates. On top of that, your customers can lose trust and confidence in your brand, impacting the bottom line for months or even years to come.

Make Room for More

You have a lot on your plate. Network security, access control, user training, and so much more. Beyond compliance considerations, you're maintaining service availability, protecting your organization against ransomware and attacks, all while improving the capabilities that bolster the business. Let us take data compliance off your plate, so you can focus on everything else.


Find all the violations

Most Important

Registration-only or events portal


Our base package includes our event landing and registration page, complete with all information as applicable, available immediately by an auto-generated link.

Blackthorn | Customer Portal

Add on our portal where attendees can log in, see past and future events, receive dynamic pricing, password locked events, update their billing method, and more.

easy to use

Billing & Payments

Automated Registrations

When attendees register for events, orders with line items are generated along with their payment details (if the event is paid), all processed in a PCI-compliant fashion through Stripe & Blackthorn | Payments.


Create and send invoices for sponsorship sales or for attendees who request to be invoiced. The invoice can be paid over the web by card or ACH, utilizing our billing and documents apps.

Salesforce-Native Payments

Process payments over the phone from within Salesforce using our Blackthorn | Terminal. The Terminal acts as a ‘box office’, enabling your team to live out of a single screen to register attendees for both free and paid events.

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