Blackthorn has acquired a top-rated messaging app for Salesforce.
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About Us

Meaningful Work, Meaningful Relationships

The Company

Blackthorn builds Salesforce-native apps that make processing payments and managing events efficient and ridiculously easy for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our solutions were created from problems solved in our own business environment, and we’re constantly innovating based on our customers' needs. 

With Blackthorn, customers can use the Salesforce platform to run their businesses their way, giving users full control of business processes through automation, configuration, and customization. Our unique apps fill crucial gaps and lets Salesforce users customize their org to their unique needs with simple, click-based processes (no code needed).

Free yourself and your company from repetitive tasks, tall app stacks and complicated data silos, and harness the true power of the CRM you already have.

We Believe: 

Software shouldn’t require an expert to run it.

Your organization is unique, and you need easy-to-use solutions that keep you focused on your customers instead of processes. Our native apps use Salesforce logic and automation, making it easy to customize them to your unique processes without developer help or complex coding.

Meaningful relationships make meaningful work.

When surrounded by great people, we become the best version of ourselves and we provide the best work for our customers and partners. Each member of our team inspires growth, learning, and understanding of each other, our customers and the industries we serve.

You should own your data, not the other way around.

We all know the power of data, but it’s most powerful when we have a holistic view. Our apps focus on bringing the right data together, making it easy for businesses to quickly adapt and grow.

Chris federspiel


"If we can build something that’s remarkably easier to use, while delivering far more value to customers, that’s a great thing. We’ll love it, customers will love it, and we’ll all benefit.”

Meet the Team

What brings a bunch of people from across the globe together every day? It’s simple. We all share the same desire to make what already exists better. As self-learners and champions of our unique skill sets, we challenge each other to ask questions that create smart, valuable products for ourselves and our customers.  

We Work From Everywhere

Pune, India
Gurjat, India
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pune, India
New York, USA
Colorado, USA
California, USA
North Carolina, USA
South Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
Virginia, USA
Washington, USA
New Jersey, USA
Ohio, USA
Minnesota, USA
South Dakota, USA
Szechuan Province, China
New Delhi, India
  • New Delhi, India

  • Pune, India

  • South Dakota, USA

  • Washington DC, USA

  • New York, USA

  • California, USA

  • Virginia, USA

  • New Jersey, USA

  • South Carolina, USA

  • Szechuan Province, China

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Colorado, USA

  • Minnesota, USA

  • Gujrat, India

  • North Carolina, USA

  • Ohio, USA

We get stuff done and we love every minute of it.
If you have a passion for SaaS or Salesforce and want to work remotely with a close-knit team of folks from all over the globe, join us.