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From payment method security (PCI-DSS) to personal information (PII), Blackthorn Compliance helps you quickly find and secure sensitive data throughout your entire Salesforce Org. 

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Regain Control

Don't risk your organization's compliance and certification to human error. Even with training and reminders, staff and customers will eventually make mistakes. Customers will send sensitive data through chat, e-mail, or as an attachment and someone will neglect to delete or encrypt it. With Blackthorn Compliance, your users don't have to be perfect.

Avoid Costly Fines

Having noncompliant data can get very expensive very quickly, especially if a violation goes unnoticed for an extended period of time. Payment processors charge per customer at increasing rates. On top of that, your customers can lose trust and confidence in your brand, impacting the bottom line for months or even years to come.

Make Room for More

You have a lot on your plate. Network security, access control, user training, and so much more. Beyond compliance considerations, you're maintaining service availability, protecting your organization against ransomware and attacks, all while improving the capabilities that bolster the business. Let us take data compliance off your plate, so you can focus on everything else.


Find all the violations


Find and automatically mask credit card numbers and PII (Personal Identifiable Information) in Salesforce records, support cases, custom fields and objects, and more.

Detect Credit Card Numbers automatically before they enter Salesforce; blocking sensitive data from even entering your org.

Go further than the body of an email and scan attachments for sensitive information before it's synced to Salesforce.

Scan and audit your org to automatically find and mask existing sensitive data. Just turn it on and catch issues before you feel their impact.

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Are you Compliant?

Gain confidence for your Annual Assessments and Attestations. Assure your C-Suite and Investors. With Blackthorn Compliance, you can ensure no sensitive data slips through the cracks.

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We're here when you need us! Whether you need a lot of help or a little, we have a Support Plan to fit your budget. Take a look at our available options and see how we can help you meet your unique business goals.

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We work with Salesforce Implementation and Appexchange solutions to help businesses succeed. Does your customer have questions about events or payments? Want to find out more about our partnership program? We're here to help.

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