Blackthorn’s Commitment to Stability & Quality

Dear Blackthorn customers and partners,

We are now in our sixth year, we have 500+ customers, two core products, a stack of customer use cases, very high spikes of transaction rates (API calls), and more complex architectures than ever before. Our Events app in particular has ‘gone down’ (inaccessible customer-facing view) a number of times in the last year, sometimes for hours at a time.

All software companies have ‘growing pains’ and outages including Slack, Salesforce, Twitter, LinkedIn and even AWS! Going down will happen, but it’s our job to ensure we do every single thing in our power to avoid it from happening.

On that note, we’d like to share some details around recent incidents and what we’re doing about it:

As a product-led organization, we personally apologize for the outages. We know this doesn’t change what’s transpired, but you have our word and commitment to focusing only on stability until we are rock solid, and only then will our core Engineering team resume building enhancements and new features.

Now that we’ve shown you our plan, we look forward to showing you our work in a follow-up post in the near future. We’re a data-driven company, and want you to see the information in a results-oriented manner.

Thank you for giving us the privilege to serve you and your customers.


Thank you!

Blackthorn Team