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Core Features

Payments in Salesforce with
our Virtual Terminal

Streamline payment processing in Salesforce with our configurable Virtual Terminal that works with any Salesforce object.
The Terminal

The Blackthorn Terminal is a Lightning Component that enables Salesforce users to add cards and process payments seamlessly. It's fully configurable, works with any object in both Classic and Lightning Experience.

Schedule automatic payments

Payment Schedules is a powerful tool to create any custom payment plan from the Terminal or declaratively. Payments can process automatically with smart reattempt logic.

Batch process multiple payments

Transactions can be scheduled to process automatically on a future date. Simply creating a transaction with a payment method on file will process the transaction on the selected due date.

Our Customers

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We made customer-facing online payments easy and beautiful. Send beautiful payment requests natively from Salesforce with PayLink or use our REST API to build yours.

Payment requests

PayLink creates a unique link for each Transaction. It provides a seamless payment experience for your customers on any device and with configurable branding.

Custom payment forms

With our included REST and Apex APIs, you can build anything you can imagine, without technical limitations, including custom payment forms on your website, portal or in Communities.

MOre About

Payment Scheduler

EZ Presets

By entering just a few values, you can create forward looking transactions by charge frequency, count, date, amount options, and currency. Normally complex billing scenarios become a breeze with this simple but powerful engine.

Advanced Scheduling

If you want to get crazy, you can use our advanced features. Scenarios such as billing on the second Tuesday of February for four years are accomplished in just six clicks. If you find a scenario we don’t support, please write us for a free t-shirt!

Our Services

For admins

Admins have complete control in managing roll-ups, transaction reattempts, receipts,
Payment Schedules, and the Virtual Terminal, without custom code.

Virtual Terminal configuration

Custom fields, pre-populated values using field mappings, and auto-deployed buttons, are all out-of-the-box features of our VIrtual Terminal.

Receipts & refunds

Simple, no code receipt management using Workflow or Process Builder. You can have different receipts per company with logic you define by point-and-click.

Reattempt business logic

Automatic reattempt logic with reattempt number tracking allows you to customize your business process through Process Builder. With each reattempt, you can email your customer for a new card, create a task, run reports, and more.

Extensive settings management

Using custom settings and custom metadata by point-and-click, you can manage: reattempt settings, Apex validations, terminal field population and more.

Packaged roll-ups

Roll-up fields are auto-deployed to Transaction Parents, helping users view totals. Retained revenue is auto-calculated for each Transaction if refunds were processed. These and more combine for reduced setup time and cost.

Historical & future sync

When connecting an existing Stripe account, you can sync your historical Stripe Customers, Payment Methods, and Transactions from a button on the Payment Gateway. New records are kept in sync through webhooks.

Jorge Fernandez

Managing Director

"We like BP [Blackthorn Payments] because it provides us with the ability to build any process and integrate payments in whatever way we want… BP is incredibly flexible and that's why we like it."

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