Stripe Billing for Salesforce

Advanced Subscription Management
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From each Account, view their subscriptions, ARR/MRR, historical revenue, subscription status, and active plan details.
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Without leaving Salesforce, you have full control over subscriptions. Create them from scratch, or upgrade, downgrade, prorate, credit, and add usage.
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Bill customers by unit or usage, tiered pricing, multiple plans per subscription, and multiple subscriptions per customer.
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Data Flow Options

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Subscriptions or plain old charges can initiate from desktop, mobile, or the Stripe dashboard, then automatically flow and match to Salesforce records, inclusive of 100% of Stripe data via webhooks.
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Complete management of Stripe records inside of Salesforce, inclusive of Subscription creation and updates, charges and refunds, usage-based billing, tier and plan management, Radar, and more.

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